Thursday, October 18, 2007


Position Update: VMI

Space. Alien. Magician.

VMI not gay!

I think it was just a phase when it thought it looked good in Crocs.

Came to it's senses.
Fly, buy some NMX. Put your space, alien, magician charm on this one.
^Why don't you just do it on MVIS and make it #1 again.
RICK is not gay.
Todays chinese lotto winner?

SDTH up 12% so far.

You can't win if you don't play.
XFML is taking gay lessons fm MVIS
Own some SiDharTHa since last week.

Today' first day to make it back over my buy price.

I one patient fluckah!
Could be nervousness related to the Chinese gov't's new "Rule changes."

None of which approximate any Western banalities like Fleedom of the Pless, or anything like that.
Jakester ... you still like STeVie?
Still love STeVie. Just waiting to see if he will come back and fill that gap all the way. I know he wants to, but they may not let him.

I will finish off my full position if it gets back to $40.
Nice graphic of the tightening in China: don't fight the Red
Well VMI may not be gay. But it certainly is queer.

No worries with that one tho
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