Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Position Update: CN


My guess, lots of hot Chinese stock market gain proceeds are flooding into Hong Kong-- thanks in part to the Chinese Government allowing investment in the Hang Seng. As a result, I am noticing a lot of momentum in Hong Kong related names, like CN, OIIM and CTEL.

vmi trading halted?!
Looks like it's trading to me...


Don't forget CHL, Fry.
SLD YHOO @ 28.70

Not bad for an overnighter. Left a few bucks on the table, which sucks.

Have a good day.
I dunno what's up with VDSI anymore. Back about seven years ago, I thought this was the sine qua non "security story" stock, and then the crash came and well, you know...


Well, it showed enough "sign of life" last year for me to start looking at it again, and I actually starting to buy it.

Now, it seems to be adding a buck a day every time I look at it, and the chart is as regular as prune juice.

Yet as a retail investor, I can't seem to shake that "2001 meltdown syndrome" even as this company has become a "real thing" since then.

I may be wrong, but I think my dipshit retail investor view of the world is still pretty much the mean for the Average Joe investor, and I think that means we may have some leg in this bull yet.

(Tim Belvedere's blog getting #1 Business Blog status gives me "a slope of hope" as well).
What about this?

China not ready to let mainland investors buy HK stocks directly, central bank chief says
Is PTR a normal stock. This fucker just keeps going up an up and up and up and up ..........

I only wish MVIS will start the rocket ride soon.
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