Monday, October 15, 2007


Closing Comments

I must say, the Fox business channel is fucktarded. I mean, they don't even have a meaningful scrolling ticker. They have numerous asshats, talking complete gibberish. And, they do not have a presence on the NYSE.

In short: they suck.

As for today's trading:

"The Fly" was very impressed with the resilience of the markets, with many stocks getting bid up at the close. As you know, I continue to buy XFML, believing Ron Burkle knows his shit and the company will recover.

For the most part, my losses were muted, as some of my positions, like MVIS, CN, FRX, SNDK, UPL, FMCN, OIIM, ALJ and OEH, picked up the slack.

Keep note, during earnings season, you may get your arms, legs and torso blown to shreds. As always, "The Fly" hates earnings season, except when it goes his way.

So, with my money, I will do nothing, while watching pirated copies of 3:10 to Yuma.


Intersting BWLD article in Forbes
Yo, Esai's

You could have gotten some SA at about twelve different points today when it was lower than the close.

Do you feel sad now? You should, you deserve it.

I'm dancing a jig, m'self.

A fancy jig.

Don't forget to tip the band a few ameros.
Got change for a twenty?

That would be a great costume for Trick or Treating at Lou Dobbs' house.
Fly -

Care to speculate on the volume/trading action in Microvision today. Is it day-traders or is something up? TIA
Yeah, if you read the Snopes article about the "Amero Coin" being already produced by the US Mint, you find out that it's actually produced by one of these knick knack coin mints who thought the design was cool, and that the entire story was fabricated by some talk radio conspiracy nutter with hopes of selling more soap to housebound asshats who believe that kind of scat.
Some retail broker blew out of his position today, due to uncertainty-- thanks to the top secret state of things at Microvision.

There will be more of this, unless the company gets the IR thing together.
Burkle is a mover and a shaker.

But hoping that he knows his shit about Chinese Solar Burrito Media companies is a fucktarded way to invest, pardon my French.

But who am I to say? I bought a few lottery tickets today on XFML in hopes of hitting the jackpot.

With Chinese inflation at 10-12%, no capital gains tax, and passbook savings interest of less than 4%, this Chinese lottery could continue to pay out long after the "Orympics" and World's Fair are done.
My investment in XFML is based upon numbers, not Burkle.

I'm betting Burkle knows the books are clean, being that two of his men have been added to the BOD.
Holy sheet I'm having a happy moment and I'd like to share it w/ you.

We just got a bluebird that flew in the window.

Isn't that a great feeling?
(Different subject entirely)

BA -- I just got a call from my mother's broker and he wants me to sign something for him and send it back.

I asked him for his email address, and get this.

It's an aol account.

How fast should I fire this creaky old fecker?
Yo Esai's get some STeVe, fugghedabout the Clintonistas.
jakegint, you are correct, that snopes is right. That is straw man argument. The amero is coming, just not right away. Wait and see.
JG- easy on the AOL mail- I've had it since Al Gore invented the internets . Believe it or not I still sign into that pig with the AOL software.

Broker A where were you in 1987? Playing with Transformer guys and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I'm feeling Indians tonight--

Rockies Fever catch it. I was in Denver over the weekend, those fuckers are all ate up with the Rockies - Indians V. Rockies will be the lowest ratings in the history of the Classic.
Back in 1987, when all of you old fuckers were getting housed in the market, "The Fly" was playing 10 minutes in the closet, with his fellow 11 year old female counterparts.

Or, he was playing manhunt.

Either way, he wasn't getting ripped off.


An AOL account.

Don't panic. He might not have access to his company email at home, mainly because he's a piker.

If he's doing a good job, or you like him, don't fire him.

Sometimes the fucktard you know is better than the one you don't know.
Young fart:
Our revenge will be sweet.
Ah you creaky old fekkers.

I definitely think it's time to roll out the "Logan's Run Solution."

How black is your palmstone, Ottnot?



Broker A - 1976, you are the same age as my cousin Danny. If you are in Boston, you should look him up. Huge Yankees fan, he'd get you over this Mets thing.

In 1987 I believe I was experimenting w. pot, not womens.

I am thanking the Lawd that I was not old enough to have to wear those execrable rounded tab collars. Geez, Ottnot, did you wear those things??
Rockies and Red Sox in the WS.

I've given up on the Broncos since the 41-3 poleaxing by the Chargers.

Everyone in CO has Rockies fever.
I was in Calif in 1987. No collars, even when we wore shirts.

My shorts, on the other hand, used approximately 3% of the fabric used in a pair of shorts today.

I suspect that excessively long and baggy shorts are responsible for global warming, the appearance of man boobs on young boys, extinction of amphibian species, and violent crime:
Faber and her colleagues, unlike their fictional counterparts on TV, do not visit crime scenes, leaving evidence collection to specially trained N.Y.P.D. officers. Nevertheless, working in the hair-and-fibre lab has given Faber a macabre expertise in city life. She is often called on to examine the clothing of crime victims and suspects, and she has noticed that patterns recur. “They like big clothes,” she told me, referring to the suspects. “We frequently see sizes like 4X.”
I remember Oct. 19,1987 like it was yesterday. The actvity on the morning of 10/20/87 was sickening as the Dow, as I recall, lost another 5-8% before a snapback thanks to the PPT which got its start then. I recall getting ready to fly to Boston and was going to collect my $$ from Fidelity in cash. I was scared out of my mind although I was in all cash. I pulled out of the market a few weeks earlier when it started to make 100 point swings.

You're a fucking liar.

I didn't say I actually went to Boston. I was "getting ready to fly to Boston". The PPT pulled the market out Tues. morning, although the fluctuations were pretty wild for a couple of weeks.
I am pretty sure that if the market went down about 35% in a day and a half today bodies of Hedge Fund types would be floating down the Hudson.
I call bullshit on you pulling out, before the crash.

As you know, only Cramer was in cash.
If I really wanted the BS to fly I could have said I was in puts and short. I was too scared to do anything from a few weeks earlier except to be in cash.
At that time I wasn't trading stocks but was trading the Fidelty Select funds. Back then it was unlimited hourly trades with no min. or max. at $25 an exchange. The hourly prices laggged the actual underlying prices by about 15 minutes. It was like picking dollars off the money tree.
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Somewhere in the garage I should have a copy of the WSJ and a copy of the SF Chronicle from the day after the crash.

My "portfolio" probably lost about 10% that day...which meant I was about $500 poorer at the end of the day.

Like tradercaddy, I remember the day well, even though I hadn't suffered any real harm directly. What made it memorable was being on edge about what the next day would bring - knowing that it could be a life-changing disaster, but having absolutely no control over the outcome of events.

The only times I've felt anything like that since was on 9/11 and at the birth of my first child.
1987 - I was working for a risk arb firm .. we were leveraged up the wazoo .. had a shitload of UAL ... we got creamed

we lost 60% in a week .. the managing partner called the whole firm in for a meeting . He said we were gonna hang in there & he gave some speech I imagine some coach/manager gives when you down 0-3 in a 7 game series.

We came back but there are no margins left in the risk arb game these days. Back in the 80's & 90's, there was big money to be made. No more.
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