Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Late Day Thought

XFML ate my balls.

someone is working a big sell order ... its been a steady drip for days
Driving me bat crazy.

I will have to smoke the JP and UBS analysts if they don't bring their fucking numbers in-line.
I thought those were my balls that it was choking on......
Better than Mr. T, eh?
This fucking market still wants to go up. I trade futures and, just like yesterday, we are getting a late bid in both YM (Dow) and ER2 (Russell). If the bellweathers beat, those fucking China stocks that have been selling off today will get a blow job in the morning.
I like the way you think, WCT.

Too bad you didn't post that shit 10 minutes ago. I already did some irreversible damage to my office.
Someone tell X to act like XFML. Also I am loading up C here, I may get my balls handed to me but atleast I will get a nice dividend with it.
I took a chance on YHOO 4k @ 26.88.

Investing in C and being happy because of the dividend is like having your leg snapped in half, yet content because of the pain killers.
Did you have another dream?
XFML stock specializes in the ancient art of chinese water torture
Must have quite an appetite to eat balls as big as yours...

No dream. Just a hunch. Just having some fun.
I read what WCT wrote twice and I still don't know what he meant, but I like it. I need a nap.
cors feels like i got moon-pied
I may get my ass handed to me but I am going into the close with 5 long index future contracts banking on the big boys and their earnings after the bell. I am also picking up another 5,000 XFML and 5,000 CNTF right now. Money will either be made in the morning (in a big way), or I will dwell on my madness for.....eh.....5 minutes or so and then its back to business.
I just dumped my XFML. No comparison to Fly's pain, but that was a quick 10% loss.

DAR is breaking out.
Been kind of hush hush about your NTRI haven't you fuck face?
He sold NTRI fuck lick.
No I haven't you fuckface.

I sold that shit, between 32-37.

Now, go fuck your key chain.

It's taking the risk of being taken out to the woodshed and riped a new one that results in the serious money -but, you know this. Sorry to hear about the loss. I am staying positive through INTC margin numbers and IBM outlook. C'mon bitches, I lost all discipline and want a gambling win. Let's go - give me a 7 baby!
I agree West Coast. However, I'm pretty stupid, so the only thing I have going for me is the ability to absorb lots of little losses. That's important as only 40% of my trades make money.
yhoo up ah, nice trade boomer.
YHOO and INTC kicked ass and the futures are screaming in after hours. Looking for a nice bid for China in the morning. Thx for the music Fly!
Now we just need the C CEO to resign and everything can move up.
thanks, new. i think i am gonna let it roll. i have heard that there are really good changes at YHOO from insiders...an old b-school bud works there.
...an old b-school bud works there.

Where you fink I get MON from, Yankee suckas?

My ahhhs??

Bing! Pow!
you are right jake, MON is a great company. well run, innovative, driven, etc. HIGH barriers to entry.

i just have a fundamental prob with the product. nice people, great company, bad products (for me)
damn YHOO keeps going up.
That's what happens when you go to bidness school at Hahvahd I guess.

You catch liberalism.


I hope you're not against DDT for the bird eggs, as well.
MONsanto will feed the poor of the world.

But libs have taken that goal off their agenda, for lack "currency" and "green sympathy."


Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?

Are there no organic tom-ah-toes left over?

i am no liberal my friend.

i just see dead people.
Dead people from starvation, you mean?
Cancer?? Where in the heck are you getting that bogus information?

All they are doing is the same thing farmers have doing naturally for thousands of years, just at the molecular level.

Geez these green nuts will tell a fellah anything, and I guess some of 'em will believe it.
A dancer

A romancer

I'm a capricorn

and she's a cancer.

She saw my picture in a music magazine.

- Paul Stanley
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