Monday, October 15, 2007


Quick Alert: Doug Kass is an Asshole

The market goes down, Doug Kass magically reappears with his message of darkness.

If properly motivated, "The Fly" would fly to Greece, after the market closed, find Kass, then have some local jerk off punch his eyebrows off.

Lucky for him, I have better shit to do, such as throw darts at my Alexander "The Arrogant" Tokman dartboard.

If only MVIS had more warrants to call in, we might get a press release or two.

With regards to the market: higher commodity prices are taking their toll. Plus, investors are afraid to get in front of the earnings band wagon. They usually jump on, after it passes them.

With my money, I intend to put money to work, believing the bulls will press their case, sometime this week-- effectively sending Doug Kass and his stupid mustache back to Dumbfuckville, Romania.

I used to read Doug Kass and think how 'smart' his articles were. But even when he was right his timing was poor. Last week he was increasing his short in the FXI. Now, I think the FXI is way overpriced but I don't jump in front of moving trains any more. Maybe you should send one of your illegal Mexicans to Mykonos (tomorrow's trip) for some eyebrow punching.
Maybe your man could poison Kass's kvass.
Which is worse, an asshole or an asshat?
If it weren't for one of those, we'd all be full of shit.
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