Thursday, October 18, 2007


Quick Alert: CNBC is Hosted by Imbeciles

Too muck coke, too little gray matter.

Think of how frakking dumb they'd look without the coke, though.


Any thoughts on NCC at 7% yield?

I tend to get interested in large banks that have bigger-than-REIT yields.
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I have a whole label on my blog devoted to "CNBC stupidity"... it was at record levels in August when the market freaked out.

The more dire the market situation, the worse they get. That's really, really bad for obvious reasons.

Look at Dylan when he speaks. He reminds me of my son when he was 2 years old and was shitting his pants. He would stutter to divert our attention from the obvious. Matter of fact, look at Maria when Dylan speaks, I think she smells it.
I pulled out my chicken bones and dice for one more toss to see where th emarket goes from here. I got leg bone and snake eyes - that means we have one more push to highs of the day from here. Not sure where it will end, but we will have one more push up to highs.
Some of the people on CNBC World are tolerable-- like Steve Sedgwick. He makes all sorts of entertaining, politically incorrect statements that would translate into an instant shit-canning on regular CNBC.

For instance, he once likened some fat guy that was on Squawk Box Europe to "that fellow from the Star Wars films."

You can't hate on that.
i like that morning guy's smokers cough phlegm sound. makes me wince evrytime i hear it. mark i think.

he's old school and argumentative

ps i just shit the chair waiting on GOOG earns. its gonna be big, one way or the other. getting cold feet holding.

Do not get cold feet - they are going to punch Cramers eyebrows off with their earnings. Remember when Cramer put the price on his knuckles after the came out with their IPO (I think it was $250 price target at the time), well, this time, Cramer puts the price on his nuts and dances around the stage. I think the target now is $1,000 - not certain where his is putting the last zero though. Cant wait to see. Anyway, I am going long again with futures contracts (index futures) in anticipation of the market forgetting about BAC today and switching their ADHD attention back to techs.
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