Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

Now, I could be a little early, but not wrong. If my "calculator brain" is reading this correctly, I'd say we're going straight up until Christmas, with one or two down weeks along the way.

There is no fucking way INTC can post a number like that, with such great margins and low inventory, without insane demand for their products. It's not just about taking market share from AMD anymore. It's about selling lap tops to rich Chinese investors.

So, with that being said, "The Fly" feels like giving a green light to buy stuff. Go ahead, get drunk, pick up a few stocks and live life on the lam.

As for me, I still have a few legs to break, regarding XFML.

Looking at the action in the semiconductors, I'd say we are setting up for a 2% increase in the naz today.

Within semi's, I like the action in INTC, ASMLD, KLAC, SLAB, NVLS, NVDA, VSEA, DIOD, CHTR and SPIL.

Go long.

Last night, the Indian markets got the shit kicked out of them, thanks to government regulation on foreign investment. What the Indian government is concerned about is too much hot money flooding their markets, sending the rupee to new record levels. Just know, the Indians want the rupee to be in the wheel barrow, since they are an exporting nation.

Bottom line: I sense the tide is shifting from rupee strength to weakness. As a result, take a look at Indian IT service companies, like CTSH, INFY, SAY and IGTE. They will benefit, big time, from a decline in the rupee.

First, very insightful commentary on the rupee and the SMH sector. I like that you are using the time machine in this manner.


Second, although it dismays me, I can't let you get away with "life on the lamb" unless you are directing us to move to Beirut for the local cuisine.

I think you meant "Life on the lam (no "b").


Okay, I have a confession to make. Eight seconds ago I typed "it dismays me."

I lied.

Actually, it brought me great joy*.


*(Most likely this is a result of a deep seated resentment brought on by fourth tier blogger, government cheese recipient status, and therefore should be forgiven and/or ignored)

As you know, "The Fly" did not write 'lamb.' You hacked into my account and added the extra b.

No worries. I just went in my time machine, and punched your mustache off, before you could add the extra b.
My "boys" are heading over to the UBS analyst's office, at this very moment, to garner "consensus" on XFML numbers, if you know what I mean.

Like I said before, nothing beats investing "mafia-style".
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