Monday, October 15, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Oil

Silly me, I must have missed the fucking memo that said to hold onto SRS, because the market was going to swan dive. With that being said, I have no regrets, with the exception of not having all of my fucking money in oil--since it's going to $1,000 per barrel.

Seriously, this oil shit is getting absurd. Where does the carnival of crude stop?

With the OIH topping $200, I can't help but think ALJ is going much, much higher, mainly because "The Fly" owns it.

Also, how about those Chinese crude names, PTR, CEO and SNP? Now that's what I call investing.

Thus far, I like the mojo in SNP, PTR, CEO, SFY, BTJ, ANW, HES and GHM.

However, for the most part, energy stocks are lower, thanks to the broad based market sell off. Look for the indices to trade between 1-2% lower, today.


And, today's Chinese lotto winners are:


Thank you for playing.


Finally, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to a new set of Chinese ipo's to hit the market. With EDU posting blow out numbers this morning, I expect NED to have a good showing. However, will the new supply of quality Chinese ipo's sap the momentum out of some of the lesser names, already traded?

Probably not. This whole Chinese stock craze is exactly like the dot coms era. As you know, that shit lasted for 2 1/2 years before getting its cock chopped off.

Happy trading.

Oil is for asshats.
STeVe on sare!

Undah Fifty dorrah, Amelican!

Rast chance!
Earl is for all hats, no cattles.
oil is still for asshats, no matter what price.

Asshats have no bearing on price. That's the point.

The same guys go into Tiffany's and pay up 40% for a bracelet, which sells down the block for, umm, 40% less.
dollar down, oil & gold up

Prepare for the amero:
Broker, if you were building positions in five today's prices... what would they be?

200k in each one.
STeVe now known as STeVeie Franchise
Fuck you Boomer, I get paid to do shit like that.

I'll post it later.
put all your money & then margin it into BIDU - cramer says its now going to 500

its like triple your money in the bank

but if it doesn't work out, get the cardboard box ready
The same guys go into Tiffany's and pay up 40% for a bracelet, which sells down the block for, umm, 40% less.

Or 28.6% less, whatever.
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