Thursday, October 18, 2007


Sector Spotlight: General Market

The market has an ominous tone to it this morning, no?

No need to panic. This shit is normal, ahead of a big Fed meeting. Should Bernanke cut rates again, he gets a two-fer. Not only will he get to cut rates, he'll get to cut the balls off the shorts too.

Isn't that nice?

Anyway, thus far my plans of richness, via VMI explosion to the upside, have been delayed. No worries, "The Fly" stepped in and bought more.

Also, for the first time ever, I sold a piece of my FXI position. I made about 130 fucking points on the stock, how much did you make?


With my money, I might buy more BWLD. After all, the Indians are one game away from going to the World Series. Meaning: people in Ohio (25% of BWLD's restuarants are in Ohio) are eating chicken wings at an alarming rate.

Finally, if you believe retail can deliver this Christmas, JCG is on fucking sale, under $41. The stock has bounced, numerous times, from these lowly levels.

VMI DOWN $4 after blowing away estimates by .20 cents???? you kidding me?...Did they admit to burying Jimmy Hoffa in one of their aluminum tubes on the cc or something?

fuck me.

This is a very volatile stock.

Be patient.
Anybody playing the GOOG lottery?
I'm playing it via BIDU ... if GOOG hits it outta the park, BIDU goes to 400 .. if they swing & miss, she goes to 250 .... 100 up , 50 down

my kinda trade
GOOG - 600 shares, 629.16
I got me 2 lottery tickets: 1 call of GOOG and 1 call of BIDU, so Bruce and I are on the same wavelength.

Boomer, that's a huge position for an earnings play, especially given GOOG's history of ridiculous expectations. You know something I don't?
Incredible. So you just keep piling on when VMI is proven to be a loser? Why don't you pile on more on MVIS?

And still refuse to buy SWC when every reasons tell you it's going up and it does?
Bruce, after rereading your post: I probably misunderstood. You're playing both upside and downside?
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Kmorph, just playing for upside

i think BIDU will move up more than GOOG & maybe only the same down , so its a gamble for sure but I'm willing to take the downside hit
You sell FXI, Yankee fluckah??

So I met a couple from Ohio at a club in Las Vegas last night. They felt free to tell me all about the vast number of people eating at BWLD in Ohio.
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