Thursday, October 18, 2007


Alice in Chains - Rooster

Check this rooster:

The article mentions NOK.

NOK has largest share of cell phone market amongest younger tech savvy Chinese.

Contrary to the way the rest of the world works, most of the wealth in China is controlled by those under 50 years of age--the entrepreneurial class.

How come, you may ask? Chairman Mao and his Cultural Revolution saw to it that those born before the late 1950's never got an education in the work camps they were confined to.

Anyway, MVIS technology will be received very well in China regardless (irregardless?) of the cell phone provider.
no illegaldress.

Yankee phlucka!
Anyone know of any Chinese Gold companies?

Better than solar burritos I bet.

(POG: $775 right now)
Jakegint, gold sucks ass. Get over it and buy stocks like real men do.
Hey jerkeys on the internets, here is a thought. Since oil is trading at $90 bazillion dollars per barrel why not look at companies that will benefit from oil companies trying to find more reservs. Two names come to mind OYOG and DWSN.
Hey what the fuck do I know, I'm just a fucktard who drives his pickup truck on the super highway of information.
Oil is over-rated I'm buying DUG
Jake- I believe Ivanhoe Mines (IVN) has a major interest in a mine in Mongolia and somewhere in Northwest China. Pure China companies are listed in Hong Kong and England. I don't believe any ADRs are listed here. Australian Cos have a mine or two there.

Ragin'-Just short OIH or XLE. I find the spread on DUG to be a bitch so put in a limit order.
Gotcha Caddy.

Caddy makes a good point with DUG versus sticking to OIH or XLE short, DUG is queer - but not as queer as MVIS.
Ragin'- Although you probably already know this but I forgot to mention DUG is a 2X inverse fund and your gains or losses will be magnified. Also, watch SLB in the pre-market as it reports earnings and will probably dictate the energy services direction tommorrow.

Fuhgeddabout Chinese gold mining cos. The better play is still in energy.

As you know, Chinese energy companies like PTR, CEO and SNP although not listed on Shanghai or Shenzen exchanges, are listed on HK and NYSE.

These stocks will continue to go up as more Chinese nationals can now invest in these HK listed stocks since the QDI and QDII was declared by govt, no?

CEO also has a competitive advantage over other foreign oil cos. since they are a SOE. They can acquire a 50% royalty interest, by Chinese law, on any foreign oil development within China and offshore in the South China Sea---at no cost.

Talk about an unfair advantage.

China being communist actually works in favor of investors who buy Chinese energy stocks. The govt doesn't dick around. When they say they're going to explore and develop a field, it happens---unlike some other countries where environmental lobbyists and PACs tie things up in court for years.
Alphie -- both sides of the story. Chinese gummint affiliated companies are also the easiest "honeypots" to raid when times get tough.

To parpaphrase Henry Hill's description of Paulie's "protection" and loan sharking bidness:

You foleign investah?

Fluck you, pay me.

You Yankee running dog?

Fluck you, pay me.

You want to run up Amelican dollar and squeeze Yaun?

Fluck you, I dirute you to pennies on dorrar.

Har! Har ! Har!
Fellahs I was joking about Chinese gold miners.

I got plenty of gold miners over here that are banking me coin (fuck you very much, Maryland Sawzall). SA, GG, LIHR. In that order.

And silver miners. (SLW)

But no parradium.

I have my principals, after all.
Probably the best song by the most awesome band ever! Good choice Fly!
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