Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Late Night Thought

That bag of shit (SWC) was down 2.48% today, while MVIS lost a mere 1.3%. "The Fly" wins again, even when he loses.

NOTE: Mention XFML and wake up with cigar smoking jerk offs in your bedroom.

UPDATED NOTE: Almost forgot. Woodshedder begged me for a link last night, in order to boost the traffic for his fledgling blog. He even did some heavy analysis on MVIS for me. Notice the lines and dots prove, without doubt, that MVIS is going higher.

Here ya go, buddy.

Technical analysis is a wonderful way to combine laziness with ignorance.
-Fly, 2007

Dinosaur trader is shutting down his blog, due to an *obvious* lack of iron clad *patents*.


Fat Ohio Indians fans are cheering and eating wings as their team is leading 7-0 tonight. They will end up playing the Rockies, no?

More wings!
SWC just keeps on giving...

opportunities to buy it lower.

But really, the supercycle is just beginning.

If "The Fly" borrowed a tractor and ran over JJ's house, he'd make mashed potatoes.
What is a 'moon pie'? Seriously.
Moon pies were invented by "Space Hitler," mainly made of cheese (from the moon of course).
Was this "Space Hitler" a member of the establishment?

I don't believe in conspiracy theories, such as "establishments."

Keep that jargon for third tier blogs, like Woodshedders.

Thank you.
Now, if moon pies were made of palladium, then SWC would surely be a "buy."


Fuck you.


There, I said it.

You fuckers from yankee ville or land of liberals (out west) of course wouldn't know what the hell a moon pie is, because they were popular in the South.
The Mets collapse was an inside job perpetrated by the establishment.
Space Hitler reference:


WTF? I don't get it.
Woodshedder, please provide a detailed description of a 'moon pie.'
People in the south can't make a good pizza. That's why I avoid that region of the country altogether.


Really, it's a pizza? I honestly didn't know that.
Space Hitler reference on "goat.com." Oh, the irony.

For the record, moon pies are the shit that kill dumb Southerners, via clogged arteries.
No, I made that up. It's not a pizza. It's a delicious marshmallow cookie.

DT- when you paddle out, you are dodging tampons, needles, and turds (oh my). Good stuff. That's why we don't surf in yankee ville.
So we're talking about a marshmallow pizza? You Southerners are really something.
Anyone know what a sunsicle is?
Fly, take your client in Alabama some moon pies.

By the way, yankees don't live as long as Southerners. Known fact.
A BWLD opened about a month or so ago in my hood and I have been there twice since they opened.

I have not been there in a week and the other day my neighbor was outside and we started talking about shit and he said he did not go to the wing joint anymore because nobody goes there anymore and I asked why and he said "because they are too busy."


When you walk in the street, you're slipping on grits, grease and moon pie wrappers.
Mdawsz- the best is when you dip them in Budweiser.

Incorrect. Northerners live longer, thanks to the abundance of real Physicians, opposed to the local Veterinarians you are accustomed to.

When we get a southwest swell, we get shit on our beaches from Maryland...


I threw you a link.

You're welcome.
Who wants a link?

How about you DT?
You'll all live long and prosper if you heed this:

dt romps southern goats so be careful linking to that sick fucker.
I'd love a link. When I'm poor and I put ads on my site, the $12 a month will help.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a post right now called "Mateo The Idiot" but I'll never finish it because I'm fucking around here. Also, my laptop is about to run out of battery but I'm too lazy to walk downstairs to get the charger. So my night is almost over...

For the record, moon pies are disgusting. Kind of like Woodshedder's blog template.

Just joking woody.

no really, change your template.
"order to boost the traffic for his fledging blog."

Don't they have schools in yankee ville? Do they teach spelling there?

Ragin' I'm trying to find a professional to design a new and better template.
You don't need a pro, just make it so you can read the txt. Best sites are the most simple.

My bad. Wrong word. However, I could have justified it by calling you a young bird or some shit.

Wood likes to keep his blog looking like an antique article of secession.
True, being able to read the text is never a bad thing.
Tony, I don't care for the canned blogger stuff. I want something completely original.

Fly, you have the ugliest blog on the net. However, you have the best stock picks, so it kind of evens out.

Since mine is ugly with shitty stock picks, it makes sense, no?
For the record, my patents are solid. However, my battery is dead.

Goodnight fuckers.


First of all, my stock picks blow, as of late. Let's call a spade a spade.

Second,my blog is the best damn looking website in all the Universe.

Who doesn't like orange and white?


have I moved to 2nd tier status?
Fly blog scheme is like a hemorrhoid, it keeps coming back and you can't do anything about it.

No, but you're getting better.
Fair enough, but please tell me my blog is better then DT's.

Since I consider all of your blogs "third tier," there is no point in making a distinction between them.

It's sort of like comparing common baseball cards. They're all worth 20 cents.


Jog on.
Fly, damn your honest, sensitive side. You keep that shit up, and I'll have to start calling you Stroker A.
RC, that must hurt consider it puts my dormant blog at 3rd tier.
Stroker A, LMAO.
not really MDAWSZ, you have a great blog! I absolutely love your site!
M, what did we used to call Fly? Didn't he do something really pussy-like which caused us to have to call him something special for a day or so??? What the hell was it?
Fly, I got an idea. Do a poll on who has a 2nd tier blog: me, DT, woody, danny, or MDAWSZ. Whoever wins gets to guest blog this weekend.

fuck it, never mind, everyone loves that guy Woody. He always wins.
Yeah, let me think on it, that was a good one.
RC, in my blogging heyday I think I would have owned woodshedder in such an event.
Yes, I am the Supleme Weekend Blogguh, as voted forl in no ress than 3 erections.
DT's blog is a waste. How the hell can you make money from his site.

Hey I got an idea, lets do a post on how much money we made or lost and then repeat the same post everyday.

Just joking DT, I'm still bitter from the defeat I took in the death match.
lmao @ Cajun'. heheehhe that's funny about DT's blog.

I do think DT has a great frickin' blog, seriously.

Still, that is funny.
RC has an edge tonight, I like it.
I sense DT will have something to say about this.
Just to get it out of the way:

MVIS is gay.

I don't even know her.

But her sister...I could stroke her.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Orange, white, brown and powder blue.
Reminds me of the old A&W Drive-Ins!

Put Mrs. Fly at the controls so she can improve the kolor skeem.

Note: I can't wait to see Google's earnings report.
the yes was for the double bottom comment.

Fly never change the format of your blog. It is perfect.
Fucking baseball cards. I bought those things with every penny I had from 1st grade up until 6th. Now I've got an entire closet full of MVIS (and by MVIS, I mean fancy, worthless, shit).

Other than the most elusive rares, there's no market for the damn things. You can go on eBay and buy 100 chinese copies of whatever card you want for five bucks (and for six can have them all 'autographed').
Fuck it - I tried to come up with something clever to lead in with but the truth of the matter is I am tired. I just wanted to pass along that the Naz futures are up 13, Rus up 4, SP up 6, and Dow up 41. XFML came back over 4% in after hours trading (didn't look at after hour volume) and PAL sucks dick (where is that stupid cunt that made that genius call?). I'll stop there cuz I'm too punchy. I fully believe that China is gonna wake up with a big woodie with the bears on the business end of that bad boy. Only thing I am left wondering is what the hell NEP is and why do I have it on my radar watch list. Bitch is up 25% today and I have none of it. Any clues out there?
Color scheme looks like Syrapukes


We Big East afficienados don't like Syrapukes. Or their crappy airplane hanger 'dome.


Oh, and Baracus -- the young bird still needs the "l."


I'm feeling cranky because I got "bored" with my "blog" which I have to refer to in "quotes" because it hasn't seen a post since May.

I guess that would make it fourth tier.

Being a "fourth tier" blogger who's feeling neglected in this age of greed, I feel like I should be receiving some tax money from some of y'all.

Or at least a wedge of cheese.
Just got off the phone with the IR from XFML again.

It seems that I am talking to them all the time.

What a mess. Play for a bounce then sell.

Great long term story, but they're mismanaging Wall Street.

JP Morgan and UBS need to bring their estimates down to .06 for this quarter, else there is headline risk.

Looking for .43 for 07, and .60 for 08 on 195 million in revenue.

The big upside can come with good TV ratings, which can dramatically improve their pricing power.

In short, it's an 08 story.
The FLY:

Now it seems you can not stop talking about SWC, eh. Pretty soon you will have to buy some.

The difference between SWC is SWC can go up 6% one day and then down 2% the next to take a rest. But MVIS consistently goes down one or two pennies a day.

Watch the overnight PGM metal rally. Pretty awesome. SWC will continue up, no questions asked.

Go fuck a dead cat.
MVIS has gone down, on average, a penny per day for the last 100 days.

Tokman is doing a wonderful IR job.
I think everyone needs to just forget that they have MVIS, lock it up in a box where you can't see it and hide the ticker until Jan 15th. It would be hard to do but the anticipation would be great. Kinda like when you buy a BOC from woot.
I love MVIS.
I love STeVe.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Baracas -- does the wife know you are carrying on late night convos with Engrish speaking China Women?
Dipshit was not fucking around!

Look at this late night spike in parradium!
When Space Hitler seizes power in 2008, Pd 103 will become the only recognized form of currency. As you all undoubtedly know, it's the only substance on earth that can fuel his Uber Caprice.
Moon pies are to be eaten with an ice cold RC Cola.
I think you would be a pioneer if you started buying the homebuilders. you'll double you're money in a year. The real estate bubble won't be a bubble until 2020, then you can reference Japan
Interesting, all "common" baseball cards... Fine, but if I'm a destined to become a "common," right now I feel like Gregg Jeffries circa 1989.

More importantly, RC, Hurricane Katrina killed your city. In time, "God" will see fit to punish the south again for not learning how to make a good pizza.

I called MVIS IR and told them what a wonderful job they were doing and asked them if they could delay any good news for another month - selling my parradium to buy more MVIS
is it just me of T-Bone Pickins is turning in to a media whore?
And RC, about the VO...

At 4:01 on the trading desks, everyone is scurrying around checking to see who "banked coin" and who "blew up." Since I trade far away from civilization I am merely trying to recreate that 4:01 flurry of activity at my site.

I had a "poll" a couple of months ago and it was one of the more popular "features" of my site.

Now go and eat a blood sausage or something.

Guess I was a fucking genius for picking up that 5,000 CNTF block before the close.
BTW, the additional 5,000 block of XFML didn't hurt either.
Broker: re XFML - China is a 2008-2050 story ... since when do these fancy China trading vehicles trade exactly on a certain due date? what difference does it make that its an 08 story?
as far as stocks are concerned, they're trading on 08 anyways besides a possible blip for this qtr
caddy is right. not a coke, not a pepsi...an RC. in a glass bottle.
West Coast Trader has an IQ of 154 1/2.
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