Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Fuck you longs, you're dead

Big intra-day reversal. Armagaddeon imminent. Stay tuned for more carnage.


Rate cuts can't help the earnings picture...


I am a futures trading, technical chart viewing queer - I admit it (well, not the queer thing). With that said, I am seeing the High Volume Price for both yesterday and today well above current price. For me, that means we make an attempt to move back to this level before the end of the day. However, we need to complete one more fuckin leg down today before we can push higher. Now, let me pick up my chicken bones and dice that I used to devine this scenario.
Confucius say:

"No rate cut. Infrration too much....Ok, you go now!... Bye!,.. Ok, bye!... Ok, bye!"
3rd leg down is done for day - we push higher from here - mark the tume (2:37). Fuck You Shorts.
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