Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

I must say, "The Fly" is very disappointed with the obvious ineptitude by management of MVIS, with regards to managing the stock. In no scenario, considering what they have going for them, should the stock be trading in the low 4's.

Frankly, I could give two queer goats and a bottle of whiskey if the stock triples, over the next 18 months. The fact the company let the stock deteriorate like this is alarming, to say the least.

While you may say "they can't manufacture news" or "make the stock go up." I say, how about some insider buying Tok? How about an update on the technology advancements?

Instead, the only news this company has released, since 7/24, is the fucking CFO selling shares.


total charlatan.
Glad to see someone else feels that way.
That quack makes me wanna vomit.
With you 150%.

its possible that things are going VERY well. if that is the case then mvis insiders would be barred from purchasing on inside information...

So you are saying insiders can't buy shares when things are going well? Bullshit.
not before big announcements, no.
Jeremy, are you that stupid?
How long has been the window of opportunity for Tokman?
I agree with that, but wouldn't you think that if things are going well, and they are 99% sure they are on track to deliever the goods, they would be buying. Only if after they get an agreement, and before they release the news can they not buy.

"Corporate officers, directors, and employees who traded the corporation's securities after learning of significant, confidential corporate developments"

If you ask me, Tokeman is a fucking pussy. I own more shares than he does. Fly, why don't you just try to become the fucking CEO?
youre all a bunch of fucktards. i have more experience in that area than all of you.
"we can't tell you who because companies we are talking to want to keep a competitive advantage." A.T.

meanwhile, they're losing they're own competitive advantage.

some fuckwad needs to go on the record other than Motorola.
my dad can beat up your dad
So you are saying that no time, since 8/23/06 Tokeman hasn't had a chance to buy more shares?
Oops. How'd I end up here on the Yahoo MVIS message board? I thought this was the Fly's home.

Wait a minute - nobody blaming naked shorting. This can't be Yahoo.

How odd. Must be an alternate universe.
gee, i go out for a couple hours & the market tanks 2%

nice call woodshedman, going to crash .. i mean cash $$$$
for all we know they have inked another deal but cannot announce it for competitive reasons yet.
^"So you are saying insiders can't buy shares when things are going well? Bullshit."

Co mgmt may not want to appear to be "milking the PicoP" at this point in time.

All they have to do is give themselves a raise or bonus to buy stock. So that is not the issue.

The fact that they are not buying stock, may be an indication that they are trying to be smart and proceed with caution at this critical juncture--and avoid a related party transaction "Chicom"-like debacle.

But what in the fat fuck do I know? I bought NTRI just before it shit the shower.

MVIS - buy

DXDDX - buy
MVIS sucks. SRS forever.
they may not be buying because they all own quite a few share options so whats the fuckin point.
Thank you Polish Ed (the) Knob, you further confirmed my bullishness on MVIS.
sold out of mvis months ago. still like the technology, just way iffy on mgmt.

if you're looking for high volume handheld devices, look at zixi. they're selling a prescription-pad PDA for doctors that connects directly/securely to pharmas/ins. they're also acting as their own service provider, extracting revenue from sick people/insurance with not only each device sold, but each RX written.

also, sqnm, even though up.. a lot.. since my last mention of it here last week, still nice around $11, imo.
ha fly, quite some time ago you said something very much to the contrary, that management shouldn't care or have to support the share price, they should concentrate on successful management, not the stock price...LOL

Granted MVIS mgmt is untested.

But that's why we pay Broker the big bucks-- to crack the whip on AT & Co. and pass out asshat awards when warranted.
If I was daytrading (which I am) I would be buying C and XLF here since they are not going down now while the popular stuff like oil and gold stocks head south.
The herd has an hour and a half to figure out the Fed has to cut at the end of October. I'm with you.
hey fly, why you call XFML IR but not MVIS IR? Even releasing that little article/interview done at the show last week would be a nice little official "Business update" PR.

I am still a firm believer, and this investment require a lot of patience (tho not much compared to other 'story stocks' i have owned), but shit. the silence IS deafening. will be in the mid 3's if we have to wait til JAn CES for chrisake.

"The Fly" and his minion are in contact with mngt and IR of every company he owns.

What do you think, I'm fucking around here?
Does anyone think that the mirror chip is just not mass producible. That, that may be the reason the ROV is being delayed. If the mirror is cannot be mass produced then there will never be millions of IPM's sold. The management both past and present have shown that they will not be forthcomming with bad news. An example is the the story last weekend in the Seattle newspaper of the failure of the Nomad in the Army test because it was monocolor while all the while management kept saying that full color was unimportant. Just speculating.
Shaking the tree. I don't see you saying your selling any.
Both SWC and MVIS dropped 10 cents today. So who wins today, the FLY?

Pay attention to PGM prices. They are breaking new highs today. So can SWC stay in red for too long before a strong rally? I don't think so. Buy before it is too late. If PGM prices continue to go up, SWC will make big money soon and it WILL rally big time.

Mean while short FSLR. They are rabbits in a rat's cage.

Either way, I'm not selling. I am not trying to shake the tree, just venting.

You know I'm right.
it's mass producable. the technology is a no brainer. you can fucking 'see' what it is... unlike some investments where you need to be a polymer chemist to get it. investors are impatient fucks. company has to manage that impatience with information. you don't need to be a genius to figure that out.
Your right, it sucks to see the stock drop, nobody wants that but I try not to think too much into it and really would like to just be able to forget about it till mid Jan. We will laugh about this crap one day.
Or maybe "they" are buying. Look at Monday, it was way down from 12 till 2, then large volume the rest of the day to drive it back up again. Seems like other buyers would not have waited for 2 hours.
I agree exactly with Tony.
fly, we need results, not 'discussion'. Give your minions shiny new Louisville sluggers. Have them express the importance of teamwork. Show IR this clip.
I think ROV was delayed becuase op a problem, but looks like it is getting fixed and shipping within 2-3weeks. if they can make the ROV in hi-vol, they can make the PicoP. Same technology.
Fly -

I personally asked Tokman at the last Shareholder Meeting why he and the other BOD were not buying shares and his exact response was:

"well, none of us are rich....hopefully that won't be the case for long".

I say: "Hey tokman, you make nearly $400,000 per year, (base salary), I think you are more "rich" than most individual shareholders (with the exception of the fly of course) so stop the excuses and start buying. I am starting to have serious doubts about this guy.

He always gives that excuse.

He should make a charitable contribution of 10% of his income to buy himself 9,000 shares of MVIS.

How does that work? Can you set me up with one of those MVIS charitable contribution schemes?
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