Thursday, October 18, 2007


Fly Buy: RS

I bought 2,000 RS @ $51.50.

Disclaimer: If you buy RS because of this post, private equity guys will hit the soup line. And, you may lose money.

mvis is fucking gay
Define gay.
RS - because of the AM dip/opportunity knocking, or you like metals?
when is the fed announcement?
Bruce - did you jump on Sharper Image this morning?? I saw you mentioned it and now its up 47%
RS is a long term position of mine. One day, it will be acquired.

Find water filtration companies. I'm thinking bottled water.

I know DCI is in the business. Any smaller names?

gay: flaming fucking homofuck.

If you look at MVIS's chart, upside down, it is compelling.
i actually just laughed out loud. the professor shot me a nasty look. cold call pending.
SHRP opened up & I left it alone .. never know if its a head fake ... guess it wasn't

Broker - PLL is in filtration

AMN - piping
Tell that Professor to go fuck himself.
pll is an ass.

I need acquisition targets.
my typical response is: "i have no idea what we are talking about"

one time a professor sat down, put his feet on the desk and said, "ill wait." needless to say the class sat in silence for 15min as i refused to answer.

I see you are well on your way to success.
id rather make money than pay attention in class. im more than willing to sacrifice that 25% participation nonsense.
DCI isn't in water; it's in air and liquid (engine).
Alex T uses his tiny schlong to pleasure hamsters.
In VMI from the 70's, bitch.

Fuck off.
Tokman should be fired.
To the man.

Correct on DCI.
oh, and buy NE short CEO
At the shareholdes meeting when Tokman acted surprised at the strength of the stock (>$5.85) I should have hit the door running.
^true story
Mdawsz is going to fight a man with a broken leg.
I'd beat him with his own cane.
Croker Ace:


Warning: 'Spensive.

I myself am selling a filtration company, but it's private, and in the air filters (HVAC, Paintbox, etc, etc) bidness.

You got a buyer for me?
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