Monday, October 15, 2007


Late Night Thought

SWC looks like a bag of shit.

Go watch a movie. You're welcome.

It looks like one because it is one.
What is the number one rule of the game Mr. Green?

Jog On.
Broker what do you think of the new SEC naked short rule?
Oh ya 17 CFR Part 242. We were debating at lunch today if and why should the Govt. protect some CO's that the street hates.
But the palladium supercycle is just beginning.

I jest, but still had I bought it when JJ called the "bottom" (that is, the bottom in the 8's as oppossed to the "bottom" he called in the 13s and 12s and 11s, etc) I'd be doing better than I'm doing in the rest of my swing positions.

cors is a bag of shit trading at lower than book

What's worse, CORS or Thomas Edison?

Just wondering.
Fly is an educated man. We don't need trouble in here boys-not in any language.

Edison is worse, he's fucked. He fucked Tesla. We have the technology, ask Stan Deyo.
'The Crash' was decent. I wonder why they didn't get Cramer (Crammer?) in there somewhere, though. It would have been interesting to hear him add a bit of color to what he detailed in his first book (which I thought was excellent).


Are you familiar with Fetzer? I'm not in agreement with the guy, I'm just curious. He's often on Fox and the like...
Back in '87, "The Fly" was playing stick ball in Brooklyn.


The question stands:

Should I get in my time machine, go back in time and kill Thomas Edison?
The FLY:

You are making progress. You were trying to ignore SWC but now you couldn't ignore it any more. You now even dedicate one topic to SWC. So you are getting closer. Pretty soon you will give it all up and load up some SWC. It will happen. I predict that you will load up SWC at $12 a share.

For those new to SWC. Click my name and visit my blog. I have absolutely good reasons to put 90% of my retirement and more than 75% of my stock trading account into SWC and PAL, and expect to strike it rich and rip 20 folds to 40 folds profit in the next 3 to 4 years.

The FLY, come on board if you want to make BIG MONEY. You could have loaded at $8-ish. It's never too late. Dump the sucker MVIS.

Just load up SWC and PAL up and hold for a few years. It will be better off than day trading for the rest of your lifetime.

The fact of the matter is the fundamentals of these two PGM players lies on nothing but the future of PGM metals. With super low price/sales ratio, any decent profit margin can easily translate into huge net earnings.

The PGM metals have been rallying and making new highs lately. Will the rally continue. Where will they reach. What's the fundamentals for the rally. I hope you don't just look at the day to day price move, but analysis the deep reasons behind the rally.

Read my blog. Think for yourself. And then decide if what I said make sense to you or not. You bought some SWC one day and sold the next morning, and I ask you why do you sell here?

If you're going to use the time machine to kill somebody, you ought to kill Rudolph Schriever. As you undoubtedly know, he's the scientist responsible for building the UFO that allowed Hitler to quietly retreat to his secret nazi moon base. You should go murder him before Space Hitler leads a fleet of UFOs back to Berlin, thereby establishing the Fourth Reich.

Two things:

1. Your Mother is a goat whore.

2. Has it ever occurred to you, "The Fly" doesn't actually have to sell MVIS, in order to buy SWC?

See unlike you, "The Fly" has a diversified approach to building wealth.

Finally, in closing, I would like to know your cost basis on SWC. Being that my cost basis for MVIS, documented here many times, is in the low 3's (some prints in the high 1's), I was just wondering who made the better investment.

JJ the son of a goat whore or "The Fly" and his fucking time machine?
Space Hitler?

I thought the martians defeated Space Hitler, during the battle of Hailey's comet, back in 1984?

If you are correct, I need to find this Rudolph guy, in order to preserve my investments from "Space Hitler."

To the North Pole I go to slay that fucking reindeer.

Go fill your pockets with palladium roofing nails.

Then go get hammered.
No, that battle actually concluded with the unholy union of the Martians with Space Hitler's reptilian army -- do you believe EVERYTHING the government tells you?

And I'm afraid that there's no way that you can protect your investments. That is, unless, of course, you buy PALLADIUM.

Look, it's no secret that those UFOs rely upon it to commit atrocities in the Middle East (at the behest of our nation's president, of course). Forget crude, forget solar burritos, Palladium is the only fuel that will matter once the reptilians have finally claimed their place on the Federal Reserve.
Fly, I would kill Woodrow Wilson for the federal reserve act of 1913, passed on Dec. 23rd in secret. And then kill Edison, and make sure that Tesla wasn't murdered (likely)

yes on fetzer

If your craft needs repair Stan may help

This comment has been removed by the author.
I pick, "The Fly" and his fucking time machine.
The FLY:

My cost basis of SWC in my regular trading account is $9.25. And my cost basis in my 401K retirement is $8.25. It's lower in my 401K because I was almost all in SLV and then I decided to swap everything into SWC in one shot when I truly believe SWC has bottomed.

I gained 22% on my SWC in my trading account. But because it is 75% of my portfolio so that's a 75% x 22% = 16.5% gain of the portfolio. You gained 53% on your MVIS but sine that's 5% of your portfolio you only gained 2.67%. Many other positions in your portfolio sucks and dragged your total profit down. My gain on SWC is pure and nothing drags it down.

I will be way better off than you going forward. Even if you load up SWC here and hold on, I will still be better off than you, because you do not have guts to put 75% on one thing.


However, I worry that by killing Wilson, the U.S. might lose WW2 or something else might happen, which could cause damage to my investments.

I'll tell you what:

I'll take a few muscle bound jerk off with me and clip Edison and give Tesla a Blackberry to fuck around with.

Then, to make up for not clipping Wilson, I'll rub out FDR.


As for Space Hitler:

Back in high school, my teacher taught us the "man in the moon" was actually "Space Hitler's" Nazi Moonflag of his face.

I do not fear him, for I have an Acme moon gun.

I win. Now fuck off.

Plus anyway, "The Fly" is up more than 35%, year to date.

Fuck off again. You and Space Hitler.
jj -- SWC is owned by the Russian mob. Vis a viz--mgmt can't be trusted.

But, you knew that, right?
"My gain on SWC is pure and nothing drags it down."

Until the fucker starts going lower, of course.

Jog on.
The Fly seems wide awake tonight, maybe drinking some hans product(s).

off to eat a sak of potatoes
Everybody on this thread is mentally compromised.
The FLY:

You still LOSE. Your portfolio is probably not margined and you probably put quite a bit in cash.

Me, I pushed to maximum margin and actually pushed to the brink of almost getting a margin call, at the lowest point of SWC. Maximizing margin also maximized my profit. Price wise I made 22% gain, not counting anything else. But portfolio wise I gained way much more. My portfolio liquidation value today is 250% of that on August 16. I don't know how that works but that's true.

Kodos to your tip on UNG I made some on that one and used the profit to buy more PAL and SWC.
Some how you sold UNG too early?
Sak [sic] of potatoes, ey?

Instead, why not use those potatoes to build a house for the poor?

Just a thought.


Someone just emailed me a Nigerian solicitation. Will you help me sue those bastards from Nigeria?

I understand you work exclusively with online grievances.

Hence, the nickname MDAWZ "The Internet Prosecutor" applies.
"Me, I pushed to maximum margin and actually pushed to the brink of almost getting a margin call, at the lowest point of SWC. Maximizing margin also maximized my profit."

The above was written by a man who has no respect for the U.S. currency, sort of like Bernanke, without all the education and stuff.
JJ- your confidence is going to bite you in the ass. Remember, Ducati made 138 winning trades in a row. It was that 139th trade, when he was leveraged, that likely ended his trading.

Either you are a joke (possible, but not likely) a liar (possible, and likely) or just naive. Anyway, the chance of you riding SWC ad infinitum, acheiving everything you've always dreamed of, is likely one in a million. One day something will happen with that position, and you will look back at all the time you wasted with your mindless pumping and ranting, and you will realize that when everyone was telling you that you are an idiot, that they were right the whole time. Then what will you do?
Then, he will build a house for the poor, made entirely from potatoes, which he will then live in.
Fly, I hope you're happy with the expeditious manner in which I shut down Brent's blog.

JJ, you're insane and will most likely lose it all.
BTW, I prefer MDAWSZ "The Internet Assassin"
Brent is the strangest blogger on the net. I mean who deletes his blog when he can't post regularly, and then brings it back up for a few days, and then deletes it again? Seriously, I enjoy reading it, so it pisses me off.
Yes. Thank you MDAWZ.

I intended to use my internet laser gun, but after reading you internet banner ad, which read: "Put the internet laser guns away, email MDAWZ "The Internet Prosecutor," I decided to go the legal rout.

JJ is now painting his office wall with shit.

Did it ever occur to you that I am Brent?

Makes you think, doesn't it?
Special Report:

A home made entirely of potatoes--
House of Pain, or House of Pleasure?

More on this later...
lmao. Where the hell's Boone? Probably out spankin' a ho.
Fly, that did occur to me, and I'm frightened that it occurred to you that it had already occurred to me.
"Then, he will build a house for the poor, made entirely from potatoes, which he will then live in."

So who thinks MVIS will be in the double digits by the end of JAN?
I'll save everyon the hassle and say it first:

MVIS is gay.

I was not joking. I did pushed to maximum leverage when SWC was at $8. If it dropped a few dimes more I would have run into a margin call. My gut feeling told me it really had got to be the rock bottom. There was no good reason for SWC to be pushed to that low in the first place. But I was really nervous during that time period and I was prepared to take the loss. But I survived and am laughing now.

I have what it takes to make big money. Real big money. In 2000 I shorted NEWP from $80 all the way to $200 and I stick to it, and finally covered everything at $60. Too soon, I would add. That was one of my worst call of timing but one of my most profitable shorts.

I judgement of the palladium fundamental can not be wrong. I carefully verified every facts. Without such confidence I will not be concentrating so heavily into SWC.

Do you guys know that Bush installed his own people on the SWC board of directors, and then started to pitch hydrogen economy?
JJ is the CEO of XFML

JJ, may I suggest a book? Thank you.

Fooled By Randomness- Nassim Taleb

You got lucky with NEWP.

You admitted yourself that SWC dropped to that level for no good reason. What is to keep it from doing that again? Or, what is to keep it from going to 100? Who the hell knows. But not getting washed out because you were lucky with NEWP is not the same as making money because you are skillful.

JJ, is Engrish your 2nd language?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holy crap, JJ already had a house made out of potatoes.

Then he bought a kettle still...
Where did NEWP come from? I thought he was in SLV.


Oh yeah, Giants win! Giants Win!

Thaaaaaaa Giants win!
Just got off the phone with the IR at XFML Beijing. True story.

They are comfortable with .60 for 2008.

About 80% of their shares are owned by the parent company, institutions or insiders.

They will hit the road, for a show, in early November.

And, the negative press here in the States has no effect on their Chinese business, because "China doesn't care about Barrons."

Oh, and JP Morgan and UBS's eps estimates are way too fucking high for this qt.

To be continued....

The G-men are starting to show a little life.

Then, due to their asshattery, they will find a way to lose the Stanley Cup.

conversing with IR at XFML? You speaka da Chinee?
"The Fly" speaks 15 languages.

Plus, the IR speaks English too.

Go figure.
Although some of what you describe in terms of Pd is true and should support the price, your reference to cold fusion kinda negates it, since that was already shown to be bullshit years ago. You ignore the possibility of alternatives/substitution, possibly provided by engineered (nanofabricated) materials.

Also, PGMs are expensive to extract, as reflected SWC's cost structure. They got a doubling+ in the prices of Pd and Pt, and yet they still don't make any money.

You're playing with fire. Even a good macro trend can be destroyed by bad mgmt. Look at YHOO.
Oxy just blew up JJ.

Now he is forced to sell.

Great job.
Rockin' in Denver. Rockies up 6-1, in the 6th.

Broker--Do you know if Shelly Singhal is still involved in XFML?
he is not.

The bullishness of Pd does not rely on cold fusion. But if cold fusion is real, it can make me obscenely rich for sure. Every one thought cold fuion has already been debunked. But over the decades more and more experiments show that cold fusion researchers are really onto something. Research interests have been picking up rapidly in recent years, all WITHOUT governmetn fund support. Hundreds of research groups world wide present research results. Even the American Physical Society arranged dedicated cold fusion sessions in recent annual meetings.

Do you think it's a giant hoax that a few thousand researchers from all over the world all conspire to joke with the whole world for nothing. Or there really might be something?

See this web site on cold fusion.

Mining PGM metals surely is costly. SWC has some price hedging contracts which guaranteed a palladium price no less than about $339 per ounce. So they were able to about break even even as palladium traded as low as $140 in 2003. But as PGM price takes off they will start to make big money soon.
A cold fusion international conference is going on right now. See the link.

It's the 8th annual meeting. If it is all a giant hoax, isn't it boring that they repeat it year after year? If more and mroe people are coming to these meetings there must be something for real.
This post might hit 100 comments. SWC is one hot stock!

Odd, no?
" But if cold fusion is real,..."

jj-- It's not real. I don't think cold fusion was a hoax per se; the data weren't falsified, and there was no intentional fraud on the part of the researchers. It was more just a case of poorly designed experiments.

It's a pipe dream.

And, you won't get rich. Go back to your potato house.
While I was doing my research. One thing I discovered about the Russian palladium stockpile absolutely SHOCKED me. Prior to that discovery I wasn't completely sure about palladium super bull cycle. After that discovery I was absolutely convinced. You need to read it.

The simple truth is, any stockpile of limited size will deplete completely one day. And when it runs out, then there is no more. Very simple. but you don't always think straight that way.

For example, how many people even realize that we can not burn fossil fuel forever, and we could run into deep trouble when we do. How many of you realize the Peak Oil concept?
Do note that the APS March Mtg also has had abstracts submitted on how plants and trees talk to each other:
(Sorry, I don't know how to insert the link.)
Maybe that's more of a Monsanto play, though.

FWIW, I think alpha's right: that it was basically a mistake.
JJ, what 401k offers individual stocks? That must be a rad 401k.

I will get rich without cold fusion. I will get incredibly rich with cold fusion.

One simple experiment design carried out by one researcher may be frauded. But such fraud will be quick to be picked out by other researchers. But if hundreds of researchers do things in a hundred different ways and all confirm to similar result, then you really can not claim the experiments are all frauded, unless you believe they deliberately come together in a conspiracy to create a giant science hoax, with no incentive to do so.

The cold fusion can not be explained using existing theory. But that's nothing new. The history of science is a long story of trying to explain things previous theory can not explain.
Everybody here understands that resources are finite. Deplete->reprice->substitute.

How have journals like Nature failed to cover cold fusion? Better get Mulder and Sculley to check it out.
It's more because of comments like the potato house.

And this:

"The Fly" speaks 15 languages.

For the 15 neighborhoods of Crooklyn.


Hey dimwit parradium boy: SLW also has a contract with a cap on it. It's a contract to buy all of GG's silver at guess what price?



You do the math, Chiseltits.


Seriously, if you manboobed Rotarians don't get into SA and SLW before December, I'm gonna come down there with my toolbox.

Don't make me come down there.
I don't know your 401K. But mine provides an option of personal choice besides all the mutual funds. I called my 401K fund manager and they set up a Charles Schwab account for me. I move money from mutual funds into personal choice, which gets into my charles schwab account. And then I can buy and sell stocks any way I want. It's my money and why shouldn't I manage it myself. My 401K made me virtually nothing over the years. And since I moved everything into personal choice about 1.3 years ago, my portfolio almost doubled.
Jeff has Molder and Sculley in his basement.

No shit, he actually told Sculley she'd better put the lotion in the basket or he didn't know what.

And Molder is his Gimp.
Sorry, that link is all effed up. It should read "from Gary's Blog" and only that part should be blue linked.

Quote is still funny though.

Oh well.

You get the number wrong. SLW buys silver at $3.90 per ounce.

I am not interested in SLW.

Plants do talk to each other, not using sounds, but using chemicals. Any one who has done some gardening knows it.

Just curious. What % of your 401k is in SWC?
All your investing life, but at least through the New Year, you ought to make a stop at this
Fluck, now the linker's not working at all... here's the site.
Bookmarked. Thanks, Jake.
jj will loose his ass during the first real correction that we experience. All accounts will be completely wiped out. By the way, your site is the biggest eyesore piece of shit. Can you please go fix that before you spam it here.

My 401K is About 85% in SWC, 8% in PAL, the rest in natural gas players.

Looks like PGM metals are rallying again overnight. If Bush installed his most trusted family friend onto the board of director of SWC, and he is constantly pitching hydrogen economy, then I feel confortable holding SWC for long term gain.

See: The Russians Are Coming

Which one is Bush's people?

What's wrong with my blog site? A lot of people like it that way.

The correction will be money rush to commodity and precious metal as fiat currencies lose value quickly. I enjoy watching precious metals going up each day.

While other people go buy gold, my advice is go buy some palladium coins.
I knew I'd get Jake involved by mentioning the MONster.

How far do you think SLW goes?

Also, thanks for that link. G'night
Shit Oxy, I have no idea. All I know is that silver is still cheap compared to gold on a ratio basis, and SLW is heavily leveraged (operationally) thanks to it's fixed price contract w. GG.

And they have a decent management team which is no small thing in that nutty business.

I rike a rot.
My new blog will be best of breed on the "internets", free of trademark and trade dress infrigement. No more cease and desist letters. It is also important to know that after exhausting the keyword "blog widgets", I have located a laser beam defense mechanism that eliminates the threat of rogue blog dictators from vaporizing my blog. Fly, what to do? This by all means is the holy grail of the "Blogosphere".
It seems like all of the good comments get posted after I go to bed. The three non sports news events I will always remember in detail are when JFK was assassinated in '63, the Crash of '87, and 9-11.
I really am an old fucker. Sure glad the first boomer started collecting Social Security yesterday.

Your 401k is 85% in SWC?

Sorry, but that's just plain foolish---and greedy.

In the immortal words of Mr. T, "I pity the foo".
^...unless your 401k is worth $5,000.
seriously JJ. i hope you don't have any family to support. because you are being greedy and foolish with your retirement fund. you should be WAAAAAY more diversified than that.
Bernanke setting up for the next rate cut.

If anyone wonders why the commodities are going crazy, wonder no more.
Meanwhile, Benji the Bee is droning about the housing crisis again.

Is that the "thump-thump-thump" of helicopters I hear?

Mein gott in himmel! They're Chinooks!
BA Barakas--

(If you were 9 in '85 then you know who he was.)

Has PCR shown up on any of your screens?
I've decided to never buy SWC just because jar jar is such a douchetard
I second that!! Anyway to block his ass from posting?

One hundred....
Now I'm going to go wash my hands for the 27th time today.

Stop looking at me!!
Good job, JG!

That was impressive. A new record for comments on a post.

Broker should give out "asshats" for all of us who posted after midnight and wasted our time on JJ's SWC "portfolio".
It is not a waste of time. Buy SWC today on the dip. Any dip below $11 is perfect.

I knew it was a loser the first time the FLY recommended XFML. Why do you keep throwing money on a loser, just because it is Chinese, not Romanian?
The window to buy SWC below $11 is now closed.
FLASH!!! The Prince of Romania is now in DC. Their family was in exile right after WWII and he brings greetings to all Americans.
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