Friday, October 19, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

Here is the bullshit Maxim report for MVIS.

Price target: Who gives a fuck?

NOTE: Much to my surprise, the analyst from Maxim Group must have a time machine too. This analyst, with the handy help of her plutonium powered time machine, has projected revenue out until 2016.


Let me get this straight. She is projecting revenue of 1.14 BILLION dollars by 2016, yet her price target is only $7?

Fuck that. If I were given that future information, I'd slap a $250 dollar price target on this fucker.


They should stick to putting hot girls on magazine covers. LOL!!
Throw this thing on a laptop and you can watch all your youtube, dvds, photos and pron anywhere you go! Apple needs this shit, I'm in.
Always nice when the Maxim Buy rating hits the ticker right above "Microvision to present at Maxim conference".
I think we're going to see a mini correction leading up to the fed rate decision...and I don't think they'll cut the rates this time around either. Oh and just bought some more MVIS at $4.41 it is now my 3rd largest position.
Big print there around 12:30... perhaps Broker is finally getting fed up with this position...

We have seen the lows of the day - up from here.
Well said fly.

*You fuckers better vote for Ron Paul.

And yes I know the voting machines are fixed - Diebold. Ohio, etc.

-sorry for politics fly, but our country is being gutted...
I'm with you on Ron but if I thought he was gonna win, I'd go to cash till the market priced him in. It would get uglier than today.
Sorry. Ron Paul is a fucktard, who would like to see the DOW at 2,000, in order to stave off further inflation.

Fuck Ron Paul, God Bless the DOW.
fly you are having a weak moment, he abolish irs, no capital gains tax, and get rid of mafia federal reserve.

You forget, the fly makes money in any market.

The DOW is actually at like 8,000 if you account for the depreciation in the dollar, and remember the index only conists of the winners.
Gore/Paul 08.

Bring the country back together.

Broker .. try some reverse psychology & put up the palladium bear or a picture of JJ

or if that don't work , something with stars & stripes
too bad gore is a criminal and liar about global warming
MVIS seems to be caving here. I think there is too much hope and not enough hype.
forget Gore ... I'd go for Bloomberg/Schwarzennegger
too bad Schwarzennegger's dad was a Nazi SS officer
I sure hope I'm not around for the 50th Anniv. of the '87 crash. They probably have something real ugly planned.
Broker should enforce his "no politics, fucktard" policy.

My bullshit detector is getting readings.
this selloff is as good as any in august

rates are heading to zero .. maybe old man roberson is gonna be right now that he don't have money in the game
After C poor performance I would guess that the head of C is toast and if he doesn't go on his own volition the Prince in Saudi Arabia will do it the hard way.
Here's what dimwits Jeff and the other grassy knoll idiots are.

I sold that business to Diebold, scheisskopf, and guess what? To a man it was run by liberal Democrat dimwits. Part of the reason they had to sell was because like a lot of libs, they had no idea how to run a bidness.

And don't give me that crap about Wally being a Bush Ranger either. Wally got into the election business by accident by buying an ATM business in Brazil that happened to have an election machinery maker in the mix. Dimwit made a huge profit in that biz in Brazil and thought he could do similar here in the States, even though the sales model is completely different.

In summary, Wally couldn't find his ass with two hands and a Garmin GPS.
The FLY:

I think that projection for MVIS is quite generous already. If in 2016 the sales revenue can reach $1.14B, and assume 5% of sales goes into net profit, and a reasonable P/E of 15, MVIS should be worth $0.855B market cap in 2016. That's almost 10 years into the future.

Give a reasonable stock gain of 15% a year (any gain less than realy inflation is not a worthy investment), then intrapolate the number back to today, MVIS should be $0.24305B today.

The calculation goes like this: from 2007 to 2016 is 9 years. So at an annual growth of 15%. In nine years the growth is:
(1+15%)^9 = 3.518.

So if the market cap in 2016 should be $0.855, then today it should be:
$0.855B / 3.5178 = $0.24305B

MVIS closes exactly at $0.243B today. That is very fair.

So who has a better calculator brain?

That would not work. Besides tehre is no more palladium bear. I have collected the very last one of the palladium bear you can find any where in the world. See this.

The only way that works is for the FLY to sell his MVIS and buy some SWC. Or just buy some palladium coins.

You infringed the patent of my idea by meantioning Gore/Paul 08 :-)

But I suspect that combination will happen.
JJ .. if it turns out to be Gore/Paul, I am gonna buy SWC in size.
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