Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Late Night Thought

The mystery of "The Ducati" may never be solved.

Odd no?

He showed up at my site today.
nevertheless, still a mystery.

You mean your "third tier" site today?

Wait a second... that wasn't the real "grant!" He didn't say, "jog on."

It was just some dude named "grant."

Let is be known, my site is now in 2nd tier status.


Because I said so, and because it's better than DT's.
hey fly,
do know why ROV is delayed or the release has not been announced? May be thats why we are seeing some selling, people are getting the wrong signal.
Broker - never mind you, what does your wife think of SHRP at $1.87 ?

Fly - same question for you ... & all the boyz .. & girlz if there are any .. Don't gerlz invest? Get me Lori .. or Finerwoman .. played tennis with her many many moons ago before she hit the big time. She was a finewoman back then.

You lost the deathmatch. Never forget.

Just remember who covered like a little bitch when the stock went my way.

BTW, I think the stock gapped up 2 points that morning enabling me to bank more coin than you. Next time grab your nuts and stick to your guns. You could have made some serious money.

IMO, I win.
I challenge you right here, right now, pick one stock, which ever one closes highest (%) wins.
I will take you up on your little "challenge" trailer boy. Clearly, you've lost some "face" and I'm more than happy to let you try to regain it.

However, JRJC came upon us naturally. I think it's best to wait until we have an honest disagreement on a stock and let the deathmatch begin then.

Until then, I will revel in my victory.

Fair enough. Until next time.

Off to the gym.
A few things:

RC is still a third tier blogger. Be happy to be considered a tier in the first place.


Allegedly, Karen is worth over 100 million dollars. True story. Without a doubt, if true, she rocks.

I saw Eric "the oil barrel" Bolling talk about blogs this morning on FBN, but didn't mention "The Fly."

Odd no?

Finally, the ROV will launch soon. I do not hear of any manufacturing issues of note. Just a matter of getting their ducks in order.

It is an irrelevant part of the MVIS story. The only purpose it has is to demonstrate their ability to mass produce MEMS.
Broker: Allegedly being the key word .. she is el prezidente of Metropolitan Capital ... not CEO .. I happen to know the CEO .. related to the fucker .. cousin & its his firm, not hers .. she went to work with him when she graduated . Not sure how she accumulated 100 mill if thats true .. Despite claims of 15% since inception, I know for a fact its been a rocky road to say the least .

I asked about SHRP cause unless they are going out of business, maybe its worth a shot . Theres been a bunch of insider buying around $1.80. They've also bought much higher .. but the volume has been monster huge the last several days & it has a capitulatory look to it. Not knowing anything else, I'll probably take a shot at some with a stop around $1.60.
I saw Bolling's blog thing. WTF? I checked bloggingstocks and there were absolutely NO charts to chomp.
Have you seen this article Is it time for Microvision (MVIS) to shine?

You are used as a reference quote.

What that fund needs is a good old fashioned "Fly" running the fucking desk.

I'll show those fuckers how its done.

In other news, Woodshedder has decided to reenact the Civil War.
Grant (the real one, I think) just stopped by and left me a comment.

Civil war? What do you mean?
This just in:

Woody's new post on MVIS has resulted in "The Fly" upgraded his blog to second tier status, whie JJ's shit box remains a lowly 4th tier.
in the oops department ... India down 6%, shanghai down 2%
Who would have known that shitcanning one of Fly's largest positions would move me up in the blog tier status.

In other news, I'm doubtful that my visitor is the real Ducati. Time will tell...
time has told .. it seems it is the real Ducati hisself

tho he can't jog on .. he broke his leg motocycling
Yes, I agree. The Ducati hath returneth, albeit with a limp. I might give Mdawsz odds during the cage fight.
woodshedder -

No answer from Ben yet eh. Interesting to say he is all in though.
Tony, chances of AT reading my blog, 0%.

Chances of AT reading Ben's blog, 90%.

Chances of AT giving a crap what I think, 0%

Ben is a good guy. I did not mean to come across as attacking him. I'm just tired of going through IR, and wanted to get some things off my mind.
Just left Ben a little message.

I guess we are supposed to sit here, like little idiots, waiting for CES.

As you know, earnings is one giant non-event, as Tok & Co. talk in riddles and chuckle at ridiculous questions.

Here's the lesson I've learned:

When up 200% on a mico-cap stock, sell it.
Woody? 2nd tier? Hold up.

MVIS post going up tonight.
I don't know how many of you have seen the PicoP in action but here is a cool pic...

Are you fucking kidding me?

This is a defacto MVIS message board. When you come here, come correct, else get tossed into an alligator filled swamp.

Enough with the technology. I want progress.
Fly, my blog does not like Firefox, as of several days ago. That may be why half the page is dark. I can't seem to get it fixed. Anyway, I am going to change the template soon. For now, IE works great.
IE is an ass!

Use that shit,walk around with viruses and shit.

Oh, I can't wait to post:

Fly Sell: MVIS

I sold 1,000,000 shares of MVIS @ $10.

However, for now it looks like I will post:

I sold 1,000,000 MVIS @ $00.01.

When I was at UWB I saw a demonstration of the picop technology. The technology amazed me, so small and never no need to focus. I think everyone who is investing in this technology believes in its success. Management may need to change hands to move the stock better but the technology will move itself and in turn, so will the stock.
Back from Dylan and Costello.

Costello opened. Alone, acoustic, rocking very hard.

Ironically, Dylan had a more than full band, and was upright throughout.

Creaky but the old bastard can still rock like a hound.

Finished with "Rolling Stone" like you've never heard it.

I guess he's had time to fuck with it.

Viz. a go-go.
No there's never no need,

No there's never no need,

and the fo-cus is still unheed-


He's the fo-cus that's never unheed-ed.


Obviously -- Tokeman's sent over third tier wirehouse boys to flog MVIS.

Panic sweat abounds.
Excuse the grammar but I have a bit of Captain in me.
Just mho about MVIS that's all.

Shalom Biotch

Where was that? I thought their last gig was Oct 9 in Rochester NY @ RIT?
MVIS: The Future

I hope this move me into 2nd tier status, moving Woody back to 3rd.
Fly, If I drove out to Redmond and lit on fire a bag of turds, leaving it at MVIS corporate, would you move me up to 1st tier?
I have come to the realization that my blog will never move up from a 3rd tier. I mean, who am I kidding, I'm from Louisiana. I have accepted it and moving on.

I'm just happy knowing that my blog is more useful than Woody's and DT's put together.

Good night guys, and may we all milk the farmer tomorrow morning via VMI!
Not happy to say this, but with BAC shitting the shower this morning, I went into hedge mode by picking up short DOW futures. I hope I can dump them today, but the early action is ugly and I cant stay naked long. Assholes.

Trick is to not give a shit if anyone reads your blog or not. Get rid of the ego, that will fry your trading brain. Look at me, I have a blog that I update 3-4 times a day and not one person reads it. No worries - so I am a blog loser. Who the fuck cares as long as the coins keep falling from the sky - mission accomplished.
West Coast- I read your blog and that was before Fly gave you a mention.
FXI down 10+ pre-open. I live to fuck up for another day...

Oh, and Ragin runs a third-tier blog.

ugly shit whats going on & what went on with Seth Tobias

Whattabout Seth Tobias, Brucie?

You are too kind....hey, wait - do I owe you anything?
they had a bit on him on CNBC a few minutes ago. Someone is calling it murder & there is a battle over his $25 mill estate btw his wife & Seth's brothers. The $87 mill Circle T Ptrs is being liquidated.
I thought it was suicide.
the official word was it was an accident; why you think suicide?
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