Monday, October 15, 2007


"This is what you get..."

this movie was a terrible western. entertaining, but not a good western.

Hey bidding for any more XFML down here?
BA -- any thoughts on PCR?

Schaeffer likes it here.
MVIS -- it's the "curse of the fly" at work.


Drunk Uncle Jimmy needed some Boone's money.
Relax MVIS holders, its probably just impatient money leaving the stock...Wait until end of day to add shares.
mvis moving down on heavy volume, it's over people
Jeff needs to spend more time on
jakegint doesn't know his ass from hole in ground. Do you believe Mexico's president?

Vicente Fox

Do I "believe" that Mexico's President would love to have a North American Union to get his jackleg country out of the financial doldrum's it's experienced since independence?

All due respect, but a begger standing outside a rich man's door would wish for adoption, too. And likely receive the same results.

All I can say is that you must be a lucky man to have things like this on the top of your "worries list."
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