Friday, October 19, 2007


Closing Comments

Well, I'm outta here. My 'smart friends,' who have been shorting this market, are so fucking happy right now; I think they shit their pants.

Thank God "The Fly" is not President, else I would have everyone on CNBC and the NYSE arrested, for stock market treason.

While it's true, the market needs to correct, every once in awhile; this is plain ol' vanilla gay.

What are the fucking odds, following 2 weeks of the 87 crash programming by CNBC, today, on the actual date, the market shits the bed? You can't make this shit up.

Will some law enforcement agent please arrest Maria Bartiromo?

So, in short, today I lost a mind boggling amount of money. As a result, I will let my wife go shopping tonight, as always-- in order to just 'spend it all away.'

Additionally, I am looking forward, with great vigor, to completing the crash of '87 on Monday. My guess, we will drop anywhere between 2,000-3,000 points, or we will go up 300.

Who knows?

Nice knowing you.

I'm worried about you, fucker.
Maria Bartiromo's new end-of-day catchphrase "It's 4 o'clock, do you know where your money is?" makes me puke every time I hear the ugly slut spew it out of her malformed plastic-surgery-botched mouth.
hmm ? up 300 / down 2000-3000

if i was a betting man ...
The SOLUTION to the MVIS "silence" problem, is for MVIS to issue some more Warrants. Callable at, say, $7.00 per share.

That's the only way to get a positive News Release out of them.
I added special commentary in the VO post tonight about what an idiot Maria is.

Really, that kind of "reporting" should be illegal.

I trashed my futures account by 25% on a day where it should have been easy to make money trading those fuckers. The reason - I was stubborn and convinced myself that something other than what was obvious was going to happen. Good thing out of this is that my futures account is less than 10% of my trading account. That doesn't help me feeling like a complete moron today. I should have been using those fuckers to hedge my long equities positions and instead was long with them too. I am going outside to run into a wall. I did sell down my stocks last week and have about 50% cash, so I will forget this minor brain fart and move forward with my radar screen for next week. Fucking idiot.
more to this selloff than just anniversaries. ABX cliff dive and sudden drop in treasury yields.
broker_a, wall st. is f*cking joke. they rattle gibberish to rob retail. recession, my a*se! INTC, STX, GOOG all reported strong. tech strong. International strong.

uncle bernanke will cut rates and we see all time high dji.

BTW, I didnt assume you'd be watching CNBC.. oh may be to entertain urself.
Yo Kappa,

You really in Afghanistan, or is that an inside joke?
broker, what do you think about NYX being added to S&P?
jakegint, hadnt updated my country of residence. i am a regular guy from sunny CA!
funny shit
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