Thursday, October 18, 2007


Late Night Thought

Yes, the $80-120 rule applies to crude.

NOTE: UPL is your China oil play. Learn up bitches.

UPDATE: Never doubt "The Fly's" time machine again.

I thought oil was gay?
Oil is gay, only when used for gerbiling.
Woody, How is the template coming along?

Note: DT's blog is gay

You delete another of my comments from your blog today?

WARNING: Buying DUG will cause catastrophic damage to your bullshit portfolio.
Gerbiling? Maybe ducati can explain?

Nah, I deleted them.

As you know, from time to time, I hack into all of your blogs and change shit around.

It's a hobby of mine.

It's a southern thing, like moon pies.

Woody, nice discussion on your site right now! And I'm having trouble viewing your blog on my Apple too... so the problem isn't just with Firefox.

The problem is Woody has a bunch of fucking bullshit on his blog.

Take all that crap off, jerk off.
Dammit! Alright, I'm going to make a quick tweak to the template. The blog may disappear. Hopefully not.

Can I borrow your "internet laser beam" sometime? I want to melt Ragin's blog.

Just got in touch with a childhood friend.

Much to my surprise, everyone I grew up with has a mental illness.

By far, the most fucked up neighborhood west of Baghdad.

suicides, drugs, jail, death and mayhem.

That's Brooklyn.
I did two years in the pen for 'trading while working'.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Fuck you.
Look you, talk to me like that again and we'll meet in the mud pit to settle the score.

You lack the bollocks for that, no question.

You're out of yo mind.

A. Gartmen sucks balls. Tell him i said that. How many times is that fucker going to tell me "this is a bear market," at the bottom?

B. Buffett is selling PTE, not oil. Don't confuse the two.

C. We're gonna fuck Turkey up for not minding their business.

D. All things at 80 go to 120. Ask Cramer.
Oil doesn't hit $100/barrel until WW III.
Long DUG

Buffett, shit his PTR today. Dennis Gartman, is selling off his GLD.
Yen is looking strong.

No Canes.

Slowing US Growth
Quick note: I want to destroy and Realmoney.

They really do suck, on a multitude of levels. They're like the CNBC of the internets.

Most likely, "The Fly" will build a website, bring on real bloggers, and destroy them.

If all that fails, I might just laser beam them.
That fucking time machine is amazing.
I know.

It fell from outer space, onto my roof.

I believe 'Space Hitler' may have something to do with it.
Alright fuckers, I've done the best I could. In Firefox, I can now get most of the front page to load correctly. I will be working on the new template this weekend.

Contrary to Stroker A's belief, it is not because of all the jerk off widgets on my blog.
"Mullen: US action in Iran last resort"

I guess that means we're going to bomb Iran sooner rather than later?

I guess oil will keep running then.

Any opinion on BTJ?

lol @ everybody. I love the late night comment section.
Hey hatfucker:

Maybe it has something to do with your blog being third tier?

Just a thought.

Tradewhileworking is the Mexico of North America. A shit box.

It's working for me now.

BTJ rocks.

However, keep UPL on that fucking radar. Massive properties in China.
Well, just because they extract their oil from China doesn't make it better, does it? In fact, I heard that it's impossible to get the lead out of China's oil...


Well, you heard wrong, fuckface.

And, they have prime real estate in Wyomings Green River Basin.
With all that being said, GLF and FTK are better.
Why not just own the commodity itself?

Just finished my NY Steak, sat down and noticed that the futures are down. Looking around, oil is off 1.47, gold is up $5 and Yen is up 41 ticks. Besides this, and the Nikkei shitting the shower, has anyone heard anything else. Did we kick up a dust storm in the fucking armpit that is the middle east? Just looking for answers.
NE would be good if they had a CEO.

Because oil is gay.


Japan always rapes itself when the Yen gains.

China and Hong Kong are up.

Fall back.
This comment has been removed by the author.

This is like the bird flu shit.

Money loser.

Go long a real disease: Aids, via GILD.
Sorry, Fly. The time machine that landed on your roof didn't come from Space Hitler. You are going to wish it did.

The true owners are coming back for it.
By the way, there is nothing gay about GILD.
my time machine says the China bubble blows in December just in time to fuck world markets & steal X-mas , fuckers

so enjoy the party

don't be the last bag holder

last one out, turn the lights off

make hay while the sun shines

and all that shit

back to your regularly scheduled bull market , in dry bulk

no seriously, overnight futes down

but China is up so futes will rebound by morning -
because China now rules the world

get used to it
cheesefries said...

Methicillin Resitant Staph (MRSA)

You know anything about this shit?

Bad stuff, a shitload of state legislation in the pipeline some passed some pending regarding hospitals checking all high risk (Nursing Home Patients) and ICU patients upon admission to the hospital via nasal swabs.

I've been doing some research tonight the 2 companies that are players have been running this year. There are only 2 that make the test from what I can gather.

BDX (BECTON DICKINSON CO)-24hrs time frame for results

CPHD (CEPHEID)-1hr time frame for results

Here's the punchline:
"The Illinois bills and upcoming bills in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and at least 15 other states, are likely the result of new CMS reimbursement policies. When these new policies take effect, CMS will cease paying for care related to eight different hospital-acquired conditions, including catheter-associated urinary tract infections and Staphylococcus aureus septicemia."

Talked to a Hospital CEO this afternoon in Illinois, he told me they will be testing all elderly and Nursing home patients for MRSA upon admission or they will be stuck picking up the hospital expenses related to it's treatment should they not get tested and later develop MRSA complications.

You're old and bitter.

Fuck off.
I may be old

I may be bitter
Fuck you, you upgraded my blog to second tier, just last night.

Only chicks change their mind so quickly. Are you a fickle chick?
Staph giraffe.

No dice for me.


In after hours trading, Fly Capital downgraded tradewhileworking, citing a "website brownout" and "poor traffic statisitcs," thanks in part to the fact the you never blog.

Thx for the feedback. Also found the following:

Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Asian stocks fell after Bank of Japan Governor Toshihiko Fukui said problems stemming from U.S. subprime mortgage losses persist and have increased ``uncertainty'' in financial markets.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. and National Australia Bank Ltd. led lenders lower. Honda Motor Co., which generated 55 percent of its sales from North America last year, dropped to a four-week low on concern overseas earnings will be dented by a strengthening yen.

``There's still a lot of lingering uncertainty about the U.S. economy,'' said Junichi Misawa, who oversees $655 million at STB Asset Management Co. in Tokyo. ``This is the first time in a while the yen has traded this high, and that's hurting the market.''

WTF? The fucking yen is bouncing off the 200 ema and is just giving a small bounce. It was at this level 13 trading days ago. Fucker makes it sound like Yen is approaching an all time high and hasn't seen this level in years. Cocksucker.
Staph giraffe - she was a great tennis player. I used to love watching her.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I will let you know when CPHD crosses 50.
Subprime limes.
You let me know Buddy.

I'll send you a toaster.
CPHD was the first stock I ever bought, back in 2001.
I paid $9.13 for it, and within a short period of time, I believe it went down near 4.00.
First stock I ever bought went from 19-500.

True story.
This comment has been removed by the author.
And you were born with a 19 inch cock. Wow, I just visualized that and fell off my chair.
I bought some PTT on Monday for $7.50 from some guy named Shed. He said he didn't like titties any more. WTF?

Today it printed $10. There's nothing like a a nice set of
fun-bags. I won'tever forget that good ol' boy.
Fly, whats the best way to short oil. There will come a time when this will crash back down and I'd like to get ready. Thanks. Danny.
BA -- You mention the Bohai Bay properties. However, UPL seems to be selling those.
Stock was AMER.

True story. Swear to baby Jesus.
Broker -- We win again! NYX added to S&P up 4.5% in AH!
Good for you Cheese!
This just in:

Shares of TWW jumped late Thursday night after Jeremy's firm, "Stackin' Dem Duckets is Wut We Does" upgraded the blog and raised its price target to $0.03, citing the firm's charismatic leader, 'Woodshedder' as the blog's most undervalued asset. Despite an earlier downgrade by Fly Capital and rumors of sexual impropriety amongst the company's top management, shares were trading as high as $.02, on heavy volume of three shares.
My market thesis for the evening:

Yen pushes higher no more than 10 pips and then gets bitched slapped back down to unchanged for the day. Shanghai closes up 1.25% for the day and gold sells off on Friday. Crude turns tail and runs south and the U.S. markets chop higher through the day but it is a bitch to trade for day traders due to options expiration. We get a choppy push-up into the close. We are set up for a crude and yen reversal.


Time for bed.
Knock First
Ragin cajun,

Giggled like a school girl when I saw that.
Broker A,

This article is saying UPL is exiting China market.

Ultra Petroleum exits China market
Thursday September 27, 10:41 am ET

Ultra Petroleum Corp. has sold Sino-American Energy Co. to SPC E&P (China) Pte Ltd. in a stock transaction worth $223 million.
The Houston exploration and production company said Sino-American represented all of its interests in Bohai Bay, China, as well as all of Ultra's international assets and about 1 percent of its year-end 2006 proved reserves.

The sale is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2007.

With the sale, Ultra (NYSE: UPL - News) said it would be able to focus on its Pinedale Field, Wyo., assets.

SPC E&P (China) Pte Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Petroleum Co. Ltd.

Jefferies Randall and Dewey acted as financial advisers for Ultra in this transaction.

Published September 27, 2007 by the Houston Business Journal
cheesefries (with ketchup)

re: MRSA

I like your CPHD idea.

From the treatment side, another stock to check out might be ViroPharma (VPHM), which has Vancocin, also known by its generic name, Vancomycin, which has proven effective in treating MRSA.

In 2004, Eli Lilly granted VPHM an exclusive U.S. license for Vancocin.

However, doctors are discovering some strains of MRSA that are even resistant to Vancocin.

MRSA is very bad shit. You don't want it in your system. It can get in a cut, infect you, and you die. Or, you go to a restaurant, open the door, and you've now got it on the hands you use to grab that juicy burger.

MRSA is in all the hospitals. That's why hospitals are some of the most dangerous places for your health. Seriously.

Btw, alcohol has proven to be an effective topical sanitizer against MRSA, and would be the first choice for preventative measures. Wash your hands or else, pass the tequila!

It doesn't hurt to carry around those small handy $0.88 bottles of sanitizing gel that you can get at Wal-Mart, either.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I know some nurses and doctors and they know about MRSA all too well.
The blow off top that everyone is predicting for gold here and now will last 2-3 more years. Funny how the sheep like to congregate and come up such sage advise.

Anyone with four days of chart trading experience could tell you that gold (and many of the pm's actually) is just now entering a parabolic phase... free air.

WC -- no disrespect -- you may be able to scalp some here and there on gold, but if Helicopter Ben breaks out the bag money again with another 50 bips... cover like a brother from another mother.

If you believe that these money center banks are putting this Crappie Mae fund together out of the kindness of your hearts, I have Broker A's boyhood home in Crooklyn to sell you.

Bonus: It comes with toll rights to the original Bridge.
Sorry, "their hearts."

Can't do this 2am shit like I used to when I was a fresh faced analyst down at the now-renamed bulge bracket funhouse on Park & 54th.

(now moved as well, sob)

Your blog is almost "seasonal" in appearance now.

I think I mentioned that UPL is part of my family. My dad went long in '01 or '02. Rode it to $70.

The have massive reserves underfoot in Green River and Bohai Bay in china. They also have some technology that extracts natty from difficult places/situations.

I remember my dad saying...before he died, not from the grave...that they are working on some JV to build a pipleine from WY to CA for transporting/refining natty.

UPL is the real deal and mgmt is very strong. Pops always expected them to be acquired. Not anymore, I dont think.
if aynon's article right, could be prep for M&A now.
Gold guys,

I am long gold (have bars and coins stassed away as well as copius amounts of GLD in my 401k). I am just talking about FRIDAY - that's all. I am very short term with my statement.
MVIS on the move...
WCT -- that's what I figgered.

Not looking correct anyway, but... (g).
MVIS started as a buy at Maxim Group.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Check out my new blog
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
1987 winner
Brucie... $12,500 to almost $12 million.

Simon must've had some frakking time machine.
got to be one of the top ten trades of the century
CNBC drives me absolutely crazy. This have the old crusty fuck that is Julian Robertson talking about the impending massive recession that we are about to enter. Treating his words as if he is some fucking genius. This man single handedly drove a 22 billion dollar fund into closure in 2000. WTF?
Here is some more of what the Genius Robertson is doing today:

Today, Julian Robertson is an active philanthropist and serves on a number of organization and university boards. He is the founder and benefactor of the Robertson Scholars Program which awards a merit scholarship that provides 4-year full-tuition and travel funding for 36 Duke and University of North Carolina students each year. He remains a staunch supporter in the campaign to stop global warming. He also is active as an investor and developer in New Zealand, where he spends much of his time. His main development is a luxury golfcourse located at Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay.

If CNBC had any fucking credibility whatsoever, they would disclose that this man is not running the money/funds that he used to. Jesus Christ.
you want them to have on stupid cheerleaders like joey bat, abby jo, etc, who single-handedly drove newby investors off a fucking cliff in march 2000?

if you have one, you must have the other ... this isn't Iran.
He banked large coin in the mid-nineties, but anybody who is "active in the campaign to stop global warming" is suspect in my book.

Ten years from now, that's going to look like this: "He was active in the campaign to stop the tide from rising into Oyster Bay."

whats your prob WCT? If you are a bull, then uber bears are gonna give you better prices. use it to your advantage

Julian is no fucking dummy .. please
At least Abby Joe has a job, Brucie, that's WC's only point.

They parade Robertson out there, and he hasn't made a hedged trade since 1998 or something, the last time he thought he had more capital than the market had rationality.

I have absolutely no problem with presenting both sides of the story - I fucking demand it. But I also fucking demand that full disclosure comes with it dickface.
the only thing that will come out of the global warming movement is more money going to alternative energy ... nothing wrong with that .. right now all the money in the world is going to petro dollars/euros & helping fund terrorists
You know, come to think of it, this market has a "seasonal" feel to it as well.

STeVe keeps teasing me with this gap fill, but I think it happens today.

Hope that's all that happens today (ggg).
Oh, and Ragin Cajun runs a third tier blog.

Robertson was a better investor than anyone here will ever be ... they have retired politicians commenting on politics, they have retired sports people commenting on sports ... no difference .. get over yourself
Brucie, don't you believe markets work?

Higher oil prices mean that even Julian is out in his backyard digging for a bubblin' crude so he can get back in the game, Jethro Bodine style.

I tell you what, though -- I'd rather put our capital -- both political and monetary -- to work making sure we're getting as much as we can out of our own known supplies than dicking around subsidizing "hopeful" technologies that are never going to fill demand even in the rosiest of scenarios.
Brucie, Robertson blew himself up in his last fund.

That's why he's golfing instead of trading.

They may have failed politicians on the tube, but when Carter shows up jabbering about something, folks aren't thinking "Ronald Reagan."
Early daytrader view-Do the George from Seinfeld thing and do the opposite from the last few months. Buy banks (KRE ETF), financials and homebuilders for a trade and stay away from tech,gold,oils.
Broker is probably looking for a high enough place to jump out from.

HANS - collapse
MVIS - no reaction to $7 target

The time machine needs a lube job...
Well SNDK just lopped off my left nut.
i know he blew up .. i think he was a month or two early on his bearish bet
big dicked losses for broker a in sndk hans jcg, the list goes on but today he will pound the table with how much money he is makin. guy hasn't made a dime. he is a fake.

I just made me $8 on the gold pullback I called last night. Maybe I should open up a hedge fund.

Look, my point with Julian was really a point about CNBC. CNBC claims that they are all about full disclosure, presenting all sides of the story, and that they are actually business journalists. They keep wheeling out the old fuck without saying word one about what he does today. Not word one. How many times have you heard these dipshits say "for full disclosure purposes, blah, blah, blah." The reason THAT is pissing me off right now is because they are on their own mission today to focus on the dark side and, to this end, they dig this fuck up to counter Elaine. Last I remember, Elaine nailed it in 87 and 90 eh? And as CNBC said themselves when they wheeled her out was that she runs Garzarelli Research, Inc.

I would not be so pissed if they just disclosed what he does and has been doing for the past decade. Then, I would just snicker and then turn my attention to my holdings which are tearing me a new ass right now. I could then get back to business.
WCT - its useless to get pissed about talking heads .. you'd be going crazy all day, every day

getting back to markets ... i guess this action will have to be priced into asia for monday , so it may take a few days to bottom out
Haters are out in droves. Probably 30 pounds overweight, collecting welfare/unemployment and sitting on the couch all day wishing you were rich. Why don't you go do something with your life instead?
Buffett and Gartman, Brilliant!
Maxim sounds really familiar to me WRT MVIS. You sure this is new coverage?
It's Maxim the tits and ass magazine, and not the boilerroom brokerage house.
Oh yeah...they had a conference over there. looks like they have zero pull.
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