Friday, October 19, 2007


Reenacting the Crash


Let's do 509 points today, baby! Come on, let's fucking do it, yeah.
FLY, 2007
After eating a few sandwiches, I checked my monitor, much to my dismay. As you know, "The Fly" is having his balls roasted for him, as the CNBC sponsored 'reenact the '87 crash' continues.

Frankly, today's sell off makes me chuckle, not laugh. This is the seasonal October, blah, blah, blah.

The market will fuck itself, until it doesn't.

However, if there is one thing I know, it is 'Helicopter Ben' to the rescue, buddy. So, with that being said, if short, make it quick and book your profits--else your head will be swiped off by a helicopter propeller.

With the money I have left, I might nibble at the close, but not likely.

I'm enduring flush outs in a multitude of my positions, while up on only a few.

Looking back, the speculative behavior of the Chicom stocks marked the top. What else is new?

I knew it would happen. I've seen it before. Yet, I did nothing; so it doesn't matter.

ok, i am gonna try something


usually works better than the gay bull
with my luck, I'll be right for once
or you will be wrong and the market gaps up 5% and you will be out of all your positions.
Sit back, relax, and watch the blood fly.
This is great. I'm loving today's tape.
not enough time for 509 ... nice thought tho
Who's got the foot longs???
Putting it in perspective, 300 point down days will be common in the next five years (when the Dow is at 30,000).

It's only money----actually, it's only numbers on a computer screen or TV right now.

It's not your gain or loss until you sell. least, that's what my former broker used to tell me.
If they're not celebrating the '87 crash, CNBC is running footage of the Robertson's recession call.

The last time Doug Kass had a hardon like the one he's sporting today, it was October 19, 1987.

Unfortunately for PFE, he decided to cancel his Viagra prescription.
i've been reenacting all morning...of course, at the time I was 2, so I've spent the better part of today crawling on the floor, pooping my pants, and eating soylent green baby food.

"Sell! Sell! Sell! at the close!"

Meanwhile, she was reading the MOC orders... they come out everyday at 3:40... she could have just as easily read the buy orders..

That's the shit that pisses me off right there.

Maria should be forced to retire for being a big idiot.

DJIA went south of 50 day ema, but not completely at oversold point--yet.

Bottom on Gay Black Monday, thus "re-enacting" the 20th anniversary.

Enjoy the weekend.
Not that there's not a lot of selling going on at the close.

Broker A- This blog is ugly enough-but that red headline is freaky.

Fajitas at Chili's kind of weekend.

Fox Business is really really bad. They had gorgeous gal trying to read Google's earnings at a bar somewhere in NYC- It was like watching a High School production.

Great Job Broker A!! Great Blog.

C'mon Asshole Dip Buyers
Actually to get close to the '87 crash we would need to lose about 3500 points.

Most homebuilders are still up. Must be related to plunging short term rates.

Mortgages rates should head south next week.

Fly Capital management folded today, after succumbing to roundhouse-kick-to-the-balls losses in MVIS. With respect to the firm's leveraged bets on Tokman's leadership, SDDIWD equities analyst 'Jeremy' described the position as "like trying to rape a moving freight train."

According to people familiar with Fly Capital, it was reported that anxiety was extremely high during the month of October -- so high, in fact, that "The Fly's" trader-servent was beaten into a coma by the firm's CEO (and self-described "space alien magician") 'broker a.' Were it not for the feral dogs that found his trader-servent entombed beneath an IHOP dumpster, the young man would have certainly perished.

"The Fly" could not be reached for comment.
There's gotta be a shitlaod of sell/stops at SPX 1500.
Radar hears Helichopter Ben a comin'...

Choppers, he whispers to Col. Potter.

Potter hands over his dentures.

Agreed. I figured 3,300, close enough.

We will not have a repeat, no?
nasdaq chart is now ugly as shit ... ain't noone gonna buy into that early next week

we go lower still
This is a job for...

Space Feckin' Hitler!
I just shorted GOOG. Don't be a hater.

What's a few hundred points between traders?
Holy crepula, it's unearthed Space Hitler footage!

Fly, you'll be happy to know your blog is like, fourth entry down on the "Space Hitler" google reference page.

The pain has ended
I had nothing to do with the '87 shit. Like Danny, I was only 2 at the time. However, my brother was born that year, and it's a widely held belief amongst our nation's most enlightened economists that he was responsible for it.

Today's action? That, my friend, was the work of none other than Space Hitler. I tried to warn you naive bastards that he would pull something like this. I tried to warn you that his reptilian agents would drag the markets lower today.

But it ain't over. Trust me, it's only a matter of time before he organizes large-scale blimp attacks on our financial institutions.

Fly, do something.
jake ... that was in picovision !

bizarre little clip

Go watch your son, enjoy the weekend.

Monday will have it's own troubles.

The Fed will be forced to cut rate again. The dollar will collapse, and the stock market will make new highs. Precious metals will continue to rally.

I agree with your big picture, the FLY. But you see to be picking the wrong loser stocks which are hyped up. If there is anything I like in MVIS I would have picked up some cheap today. But I just can not agree on that one.

Platinum is holding pretty well today, it is the only precious metal that does not drop much. Sou African miners's strike is looming. That will be a nationwide strike, the first in 20 years. It's a mistake not to load up SWC/PAL on the cheap today.
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