Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Inside an Unnamed Private Equity Firm

short'n sweet - right to the point

so does this mean you're gonna short those LAZy fuckers again?

maybe the 3rd time will be the charm

You still in MCHX?

Shouldn't the stock do better with YHOO action?
Okay, I know I'm starting to sound like the Eurotard SWC guy, but take a look at this weekly chart of $SILVER over the last four or so years...

Checkout how much the period from December '04 to September '05 almost mirrors (on a smaller scale) the period between mid-May '06 to today.

You see that consolidation we've been having over the last four weeks?

Now look again at the four weeks of October in '05, and see what happens right after that...

Y'see what I'm tawkinaboud heah?

(I hope the chart link works, let me know if it does not)

What has been the historical ratio of gold/silver price?
Well, long term historical, it's between 12 and 16 ounces of silver to an ounce of gold, but since the decoupling of silver as a global money standard, it's been closer to 35-40.

Right now, I believe it's something like 55-56.

Fly's don't burn on the grill..

An interesting article on the gold/silver ratio from a year ago today.

Muchas gracias for the link.

I just bought some SLW @ 14.53.
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