Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Chinese Music

GO Yhoo!
Go take a peek at the Drudge headline. Should be a good day tomorrow for VMI.
up day tomorrow
Dow futures jumped 30 points, Russell futures jumped 4 points on the INTC and YHOO news - and they are holding. Just need to have the INTC and YHOO conf calls support this preliminary move. Hey, wait...I just realized I have INTC Call LEAPS tucked away somewhere. Not seeing any moves in after hours in XFML or CNTF....yet. Fly - you need to post different Chinese music near the close every night.
Fly - XFML now making a move only down 4.5% from its lofty levels earlier.

Is your wife Chinese?
Anyone care to comment on SJT?

8.2% dividend, nat gas play
This is even worse than Shed's violin playing.

Sounds like the end of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.

Hold on a second, is that a giant statue of Mao in the middle of that shopping mall??
Drudge headline:

Take that China.

How's that effect VMI?
Holy crap, I had to turn it off, even though I was curious to see if they'd pan back to the giant Mao-robot statue in the middle of the mall.

If only Lawrence Olivier's evil Nazi dentist had this Youtube, he wouldn't have had to use an enamel drill on Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man.

Is it safe?? Dooo doodoody dooooooeeeeoooo yeeeoooooo ooo dooody doooooooo!

Neeeyaaaaoooooooohhh!! Make it STOP! Make it STOP!!

Cigar -- the Dahli Lhama is going to unveil a no-shop, air-tight, drop dead takeover bid at $180 for VMI tomorrow morning.
Well, it's either the Dahli Lhama or Rhandi Rhodes. I get my "h's" all confused.

They change that damn headline every time I comment on it. I apologize. Here is the link to the story I don't see listed now.

2007: A Record-Setting U.S. Drought Year
MVIS on CNN money

randy rhodes...funny jake. that took me back to my 8th grade Blizzard of Oz days.

broker - if you ever rehire me as your alter ego weekend blogger, i will only post a best of 80s metal vids.
Jeff-Great Article on MVIS

The plug-in version, for smartphones, will arrive at the end of this year. Phones with embedded PicoPs should be available by 2009.

"Teens will be able to project movies and pictures," says Microvision CEO Alexander Tokman. "Business users can give the ultimate elevator-pitch presentation with their phone."

25 million phones now have the technology to support a projector. By the end of 2008, that number will double to 50 million.
I think this is the Aberdeen Mall in Vancouver LOL!
oh now that's funny!
WTF???? A plug in version by the end of this year?

Fly, is that not a year early?

Is the article correct?
Next Rotto pick:

YTEC. Mebbe too rate.
It will be ready, but not on shelves.
It wirr be leady, but onry avairaber on kitchen countah dispray.

You no get sherves yet, Yankee phuckas!

You be patient!
I got a reply from jeff wilson and the author of the article Michal Lev-Ram, stating that it should be end of 08 and not by the end of year. That info is incorrect. Ben also said the same thing on his blog as well.

Do you have any comments on ALGN going in to earnings?
Wood what do you think?
Fly, are you as active this evening? You left us with Chinese music, come on man. Let's see those blog stats or post them on your site. I need something to do at nite-I got moon-pied. Just doing some cleaning up.
This just in, stocks that go to $80 go to $100. Next stop on the EQIX train, $120.
JG- as long as you own STeVe you have type chinese. RLL

WTF with 90 comments above. Who knew all the traffic is at 2 in the morning.
KC-- It's all that "Monster."

The drink, not the stock.
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