Thursday, October 18, 2007


Fly Sell: RS

I sold 2,000 RS @ $54.90.

Fuck you day traders. I can do everything you do, but better.

Breaking news...

Two days after Chinese officials said they were "furious" with President Bush for meeting the Dalai Lama, the communist government appears to be blocking all three major Western search engines, according to multiple reports Thursday.

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's search engine have all been blocked and redirected to Chinese search engine YouTube also appears to have been redirected.
Nice trade Fly -- now what can you do for XFML which just started dropping like a stone to tomorrows target of $7.40-$7.50...That Option Maker Prick can eat my Nov 7.50s....I just offered him a fucking .10 cent premium twice. It is worth less than a $1...reminds me of the bitch that used to make market in Lotus before it got sucked in by IBM..
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Mother Market ambushed me with that Chinese Trojan Horse aka XFML.

It's like catching a sharp Chinese star with your face.
where did you hear that cheesefries?
Yep, we will get a move after expiration like CBAK did as the numbers being posted for Rev Est, and shit is like CBAK was before they blew that bitch from $4.34 to $9 and change. Good luck....we both will need it in this Trojan with some extra Astro-Fcking-Glide. What is your total long now about 50K shares?
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This will hurt YHOO more than GOOG.
Jackie Chan has just confirmed the hi-jacking thanks for the news cheesefries.
What time does Uncle Fucking Ben announce the next rate cut tomorrow? Right before the open to hump the unwinders? LoL..I would be getting more short the Homebuilders now, 2 or 3 are going to file Chapter 11 in the next month or so....SHORT PHM, TOL, BZH, LEN, and CTX
Thanks Mr. CBOE, took a FOK at .10 over to get it done finally..Fuck him, he bought them from me for $
MVIS is establishing a floor of $4.40 .. I think I'll swap my entire retirement account from SWC the pawhatinum super bull to MVIS the pico whatever, with a stop of a $4.39.

How you like them cocoanuts JJ?
jj is in his "potato house", busily charting the palladium supercycle, so he can't be bothered right now with things like making money.
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