Monday, October 15, 2007


Quick Reminder: FBN Launches Tomorrow

Don't forget to tell CNBC to go fuck themselves, via watching the new Fox Business Channel. For those of you residing in NYC, FBN will bump MSNBC and broadcast from channel 43.

For the rest of you, living outside of NYC, you can go fuck yourselves too.

Good Night.

Cody Willard is a useless putz. He failed as a trader/hedge fund manager, so nows hes in the talking head business.
your point?
How many Monsters Broker A?
With 52 votes in, more than half are saying they won't watch FBN.

Then again, my readers are "smarter" than yours. But since I read your site I'm not sure what that means, if anything.

I don't expect them to report much "news" but I guess they'll look better "not reporting" stuff than CNBC anchors look when they're "not reporting" stuff.

And if it gets Maria Bartiromo all pissed off then it makes me happy.

Cody's a pretty smart guy. As long as they don't promote his music. It was fucking horrible last time I tried to listen to it.
what point needs to be furthered? how is he gonna be any help to the investor class when his own musings couldn't make his own self & partners any money? Have you read his column? he talks talks & talks & says nothing investable.

He got a spot on Kudlows show because Larry had a crush on the young man.
FYI from Rev Shark regarding naked shorts or persistent failure to regulations take effect today.


In a recent conversation with Aaron Task of TV the CEO, Frank Holmes (GROW) mentioned that he thought there was a large number of ‘naked shorts’ in this stock. These are short sellers who have not actually borrowed shares that they shorted.

The SEC is cracking down on this practice and starting on October 15, 2007 many naked shorts will be forced to cover if they have not already done so, pursuant to new regulations which can be found here.
Is that why OSTK has doubled in the last 2 months? The naked short thing?

That would be my guess since they have been on the failure to deliver list for over 200 days
"With 52 votes in, more than half are saying they won't watch FBN."

Who cares? You're missing the point. People watch TV for entertainment and/or to be titillated, not for "accurate financial information".

The FBN news babes are hot. That is all that matters. The rest is just mindless financial spin.

For up to the minute, accurate financial info, check out "Fly On Wall Street", aka "Fry on Rwahl Stleet" (in China).
GROW's gonna go, nekkid shorts or not.

Commodities, m'boy, it's all commodities these days.
^..and the weak $US.
Dino, I have to say I'm disappointed. Putting up a poll to see which dimwitted tv show asshats are going to monitor?

As the dawg so appropriately mentioned, the line is drawn at the level of babeage, and let's leave serious information in the "serious information" category.

My gawd, next you'll be asking people if they are going to watch the new Coors Light commercials during NFL games.

Dimwitted fan:

Duhhhhh, nawh, I ownly wike Bud Light!
EDU is melting up again.

Apparently Chinese people value education.

And...they drink Oolong tea, not Bud Light.

So the question is: Where would you invest over the next 10 years?
Speaking of commodities:

You Esai, did anyone of you esai's pick up on the SA I was pushing last week?

She's the motor on the gold side, I think.

(SLW, of course, on the AG side)
WTF wif Rimeright?

They had good numbs, right?

jg- The Stleet vote is still out (counting written ballots, viz FL polling system)

Time to play with Chinese Solar Burrito company STP?

Forget LDK--management is undependable.
Somebody wake up Broker A.

He must have overslept.
I have unwound my position in BOOM. Wow. I was nearly married to that thing. Unwound every position, for that matter.

100% cash.

Just a gut feeling. Prob wrong, I usually am in these things, but I follow my guts in these matters.

"Here I sit, broken hearten
In all cash, now that's beartarded"
I'm bailing also, getting some cash ready to work.
While waiting for the market to bounce back, you can appreciate some witty criticism here, with The 50 Worst Songs of All Time.
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