Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Position Update: GME

via Briefing:

GME Gamestop: Initiation details
(58.12 )

As mentioned at 6:59 Bear Stearns initiated GME with an Outperform and a $75 tgt saying they believe GameStop benefits from compelling sector growth prospects, significant barriers to entry within its lucrative used business, and solid management. While current valuation reflects bullish expectations for the video game cycle, the firm says estimates may not fully account for the international opportunity and continued growth within the used game business

"Significant barriers to entry?"

Geez, these analyst whores will say anything.

GME has been good to me. I own it @ $33.14 (early April), thus banking "beaucoup" coin to date.

Do you have NCTY on your list of Chinese lottery picks?

Online role-playing games are big in the "Middle Kingdom".

NCTY licenses blockbuster games and offers them online to players. It charges players...get this....$.06 / hr to play games like "World of Warcraft". WoW is the most popular online game in China.

The company's stock is down mainly because they need to release some newer games.

In early Sept, they released "Burning Crusade", an expansion of WoW. They are in negotiations with Blizzard Entertainment (Vivendi)about licensing WoW 2.0: "Wrath of the 'Lich' King"... (it is 'Lich', not 'Rich')

Anyway, $.06/hr doesn't sound like much. But with miryons and miryons of Chinese gamers sitting at home making money off the internet, looking for a distraction (they all have ADD), NCTY can make money on cheap entertainment.

This one is developing.
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gme to 75?

you schmuck
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