Thursday, October 18, 2007


Quick Alert: "The Fly" has seen the future...

...and it has higher stock prices in it.


Hey, I thought you didn't like the tone?
I don't.

One day doesn't make a trend.
Fly, are you still sticking to your $10 phantom dollar bet that MOT takes a stake in MVIS by Thanksgiving? Honestly. Also, I am guessing that whoever is driving it lower was emboldened by the retail investor cutting loose with his shares. I'm guessing they are bottom fishing trying to catch a few more before they let it go. Danny
Is it true that you're applying to the open position at SAC?

As always, I will not honor that bet.

It doesn't look like that's where management wants to go.
thanks, as you know I have always been an abat supporter (now gbt) and now that it is on the amex I think it will be a great growth stock. I like it at about 6. Honestly, it is growing like a weed, great sector, think of all the chinese people needing batteries...Do you have any comment? Thanks. Danny.

I could all but guarantee ABAT will end up at zero, mainly because of the combination of letters in the new ticker.
Lori: are you a T-girl ?
not that theres anything wrong with that
Market is weird irrational bitch. Look at EBAY-WM-C-VMI.

NAZ says business is great.
Proceed with caution-

Finally saw FBN on channel 232 in KC. I guess they inked Eric "The Leisure Suit" Bolling.

Whats on Sale? No stocks with X's please.

I have been siting on some cash lately without putting on any well thought out trades (I do not consider my recent spasmodic purchase of XFML and CNTF to be well thought out). However, I do agree with your market thesis without even asking for your insightful methodology that brings you to that conclusion because I know the time machine emits wavelengths that cause cataracts. With that said, MDVN recently retraced to support following a high volume breakout and is now exhibiting sound price action.
Hmmm... STeVe seems inclined towards his "gap" again at 40, but SDTH (hence and forward "SiDharTHa") is doing the "Shenga Dance" up over 9%.

There may be something to these Oriental fellows yet.
Speaking of portents!

MaVIS at $4.44!

The Number of the Wildebeest!
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