Sunday, October 14, 2007


Delightful Weekend Reading

Go to Howards.

NOTE: Is the word "delightful" somewhat fancy? Let me ask my fucking Starbucks cup.


UPDATE: Holy shit. I just noticed old man Howard called me "Asshat Fly." As you know, he will pay for this affront, many, many times over.

Developing again....

No question Howard caught a whiff of "fancy" and smelled blood in the water.
My girls have been reading this book recently, thought you might be interested.
Holy Shit - Love that Romanian site ... but you must have stolen that from Borat !

Howard doesn't just call anyone asshat .. I think it may be L-O-V-E
Holy shit, Fancy Nancy!

I got tears rollin' down my cheeks!

***Ray Liotta laugh***


***Ray Liotta laugh***


***Ray Liotta laugh***
Fancy Nancy is huge in my household as well. But why read Fancy Nancy when you have this website? Is there a "Fly" webkin? Could be huge with the tweeners.

The gay palladium bull was the first sign that "the Fly" was getting "fancy" on us.


Ron Burkle's Yucaipa Global Partnership Fund bought 8.57 million shares (6.2%) of XFML and appointed a director on the board.

Fly might be on to something?
fly is sitting on a piece of shit.

You're a piece of shit.
Dude, I'm not takling about XFML.

I'm sitting here staring at a peice of shit and a fly is sitting on it.
Jeez take it easy, it is just an observation. everything is not always about you. Good lord get over yourself.


Yeah I know. I wasn't responding to your comment. As a matter of fact, I didn't even see it.

I was just making a random comment.

It's fun to ruffel your feathers a little on a beautiful sunday morning.
Just busting your chops a bit.
more beard contest
A twist on the China plays is TECH, which is a biotech company based here in the US but just received approval for operation in China. They just hired their first 10 Chinese employees and opened a warehousing and distribution center there. Fundamentals are solid with 250 million in the bank and no debt. Margin is a crazy 79%. All time high of $65 established in 99 is currently being challanged. My daily, weekly and monthly momentum indicators are screaming buy right now. With money switching over to the biotech sector and China stocks being the rage, the fundamentals of this company make this an interesting play. They just opened their China operation this month.
Add TISA and HSWI to the secret China plays too.
But why read Fancy Nancy when you have this website?

I read this blog all the time, but I'm not letting my daughters get near it for obvious reasons.
This is how one should trade Chinese equities: if you're looking at a stock that hasn't tripled in the last 8 sessions it is severely undervalued. Also, you may want to consider going overweight '15 Black' it is due to hit.
Holly shit for some fucked up reason I have been so busy to notice that my fucking buy in XFML went through at 8.45 on Friday. I didn't get much of it, only 2000 shares but hey better than nothing. Broker what do you think of PGR or PMI? I am looking to fill an empty position in my IRA. If you could give two goat fucks about either thats fine just looking for some opinion.
Jake- love the Ray Liotta laugh. We need to coin that like. RLL

As a matter of fact when I saw that clip- RLL.

Most popular guy in prison

I hate those stocks.

For your IRA, take a looksy at CE.

You've been told.
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