Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Fly Acknowledgment: West Coast Trader

And I quote:

"3rd leg down is done for day - we push higher from here - mark the tume {sic} (2:37). Fuck You Shorts."

-West Coast Trader, 10/17/2007

Someone give this man a toaster.

nice XFML call. MVIS +++!

That not having any teeth thing works out good for you doesn't it?
Dammit, now this post will top tick us. are all too kind.
I'm playing ETFC for AH fun.
Not going to get the bull back till someone stuffs and mounts that Steve Liesman and those NTRI needing legs on the squawk box table as a sacrifice to "Mother Market"

if your not noticing, with the exceptions of "The Shorts" we are running out of buyers. Don't worry they will run the market up and down for a few more weeks... or days... when is that anniversary of 87?

Just fucking around.
is VMI earnings after bell today or before bell tomorrow. think call is tomorrow
VMI needs a decent bit above .80, methinks to sustain run. This is one where a miss could seriously hurt, a la 20 bucks or so. But all indications are all segments should be good.
yeah , nice call WCT ... money call
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