Thursday, October 18, 2007


Quick Alert: Bulls Interrupt the Bears Lunch

I didn't notice anyone who had a mustache, though.
All of you will be receiving invoices in the mail, shortly.
I was standing next to the pizza place while they were filming this (second punch). i headed out for lunch and saw the punch, thought it was real for a second, then saw andy samberg.
Some of those punches looked so real it almost looked digitally enhanced.

Infectious beats, too.
this Andy kid is best thing to happen to NBC since KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.

Love the I Ran and Dick in a box vids.

Angelo Mozilo's twin sons at the prom!!!
Holy crap, he took all that ill-gotten loot and went an' married and Oommpah Loompoh Princess?

I bet she wasn't Catholic, neither.
Why do the Bulls always have to be so violent? They're either gladiators or indie kids punching people while they eat their lunches.

Instead, perhaps the Bulls should quietly sit the Bears down and explain to them that the game is rigged and that the market always goes up... just at different speeds.

Sometimes yas just gotta knock some sense inta dem.


Boom -- Dick in the Box may very well be the acme of SNL humor.

Of course, I'm partial to their genital humor, my former favorite skit being the Alec Baldwin NPR spoof "Schwetty Balls."

mmmmm... I LOVE your Schwetty balls!
Supply and demand at its best. I remember when people were flipping out about $50 crude. Now that it is 100% higher it will be interesting how high it will have to go until we have to ride bikes to work. Not me, I still come to work in my HD dually, 2nd gear all the way.
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