Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Position Update: VMI


17:41 VMI Valmont reports Q3 EPS of $0.99 vs $0.80 Reuters consensus; revs of $372 mln vs $353.40 mln Reuters consensus (95.96 +1.66)

Co reported third quarter sales of $372.0 mln compared with $310.9 mln for the same period of 2006. Net earnings for the third quarter were $25.9 mln, or $0.99 per diluted share, versus third quarter 2006 net earnings of $15.1 mln, or $0.58 per diluted share. Co says "we are expecting favorable comparisons in sales, operating income and earnings per share for the fourth quarter. Our businesses continue to perform well, market conditions are favorable and the long term drivers are supportive."

Fly wins again.

JADE, a slaughtered goat.?
Nevermind, you already sold it.

Congratulations on VMI.

Does that mean the rib-eye will be 1/4" thicker than normal?
clicks for you.
VMI!!! The fly does it again
Nicely done, I'm with you in this one.

Not enough to prevent the disaster that will be my FXI short tomorrow, but still...

Hey! you said $1.00. I want my subscription money back!

But really. Nice F'N call broker. You really do know how to pick some stocks.

Going to listen to the call? I'm not up that early.
Plus 4Q looks good. Thats the kicker. Hope they guide higher. Well Done! and i aint talkin about steak.
Cramer just said a funny. He said that FCX will get its mine back in Cuba when Fidel dies. His brother Raul will take over upon Fidel's demise and Raul is a hardcore case.
Ok fly, Lets see how good the time machine to take a shot at where VMI trades tomorrow?
motherfucking e*trade bastard motherfuckers. They can send over a hot blond with DD's to lick my balls. That will make me feel better.
Sure VMI smashed estimates & will power over a hundo tomorrah on its destiny to 120, but SWC was up 6 cents today, so your bragging is childs play.
That FBN anchorchick is smokin' hot. I would do her along with the e*trade blonde (before turcomen).
Short the ETFC. It is not finished going down after reading into their earnings release.
The FLY, just open your eyes and look at how platinum price is FLYING.

Why would you still resist buying SWC at this dirt cheap price. You want to make huge amount of money, you buy SWC here. It's good advice.

Kudos on meantioning SWC. I do not know why any one can resist on buying SWC here. The price rally of PGM metals are EXPLOSIVE recently.

With an obscenely low price/sales ratio, with the metal price rally like that, it does not take a genius to predict that SWC will make tons of money soon and the stock price should explode upward. Have a look at long term chart of PCU. Before mid 2003 they looked like shit. After 2003, well you wish you bought in April 2003 and heold till today!!!
It's all because the commodity copper went up during the time!!!

I am bugging you because I believe you will be persuaded to purchase SWC and you will buy more SWC than any other stocks. I know it because no one can resist the temptation to make big money. You buy here, or buy at $12, or buy at $15. At some point you will buy SWC.

You are not dumb and you know to make money, right?
jj - fuck you & your parradium

i would have bought some pollutinum investment already but your constant badgering has turned me off for good

btw, i hear that SWC / PAL are gonna miss estimates badly & guide down for 08 because of rising energy costs/ labor issues & currency moves

your retirement is in jeopardy, parratinum fucker

Can't you see we are banking coin with VMI? We don't need SWC. Go back to your potato palace.
jj fuck off .. i'm dumb as shit & I can't make a thin dime .. I was born with a pawatinum spoon in my mouth & I can afford to lose money hand over fist ... another reason why I'll never invest in SWC, just my luck that it would go up & I might make money

Are you a broker?

You "push" stocks like a my cousin Vinnie (real name). He knows just enough to be dangerous.
You win a lottery on VMI and get a few percent. Big deal. SWC is going to go up 20 to 30 folds in a few years. If you have a better investment I would like to hear.

Mean while platinum price shots up more since I last speak. Now almost $1440. It was $1220 just two months ago.
Hey guys just wanted to bring up something that I talked about a few weeks ago, STORAGE!!! STX beat and will raise Q4, just wait. I am telling you from a person who buys the shit on a daily basis that storage is hot right now, specifically anything that goes into SANs. If you want to play the SAN space buy EMC for now until Equallogic IPO's. I would also include NTAP however I won't get my first NTAP appliance from them until next week to try out. Until I test it I don't want to back it. Just know this though, NTAP is sending me a device that makes it possible to virtually clone terabyte databases within seconds and they claim I will love it, we will see. More on this when I get to test it. This may be a hot item.

One more thing here, a sector soon to be on fucking fire within the next few years will be the database archiving sector. As you know the more info you collect the more need there is for archiving or your database will get huge and will slow to a crawl. Look for this space to grow exponentially. Names in the space are: Applimation, IXOS Software, Legato, OuterBay, and Princeton Softech. You lookup who is public, I don't have the time. Off to eat some Thai.
ETFC is shit until they finish writting off their shit loans.
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