Friday, October 19, 2007


Jerky Boys: "I need bird seeds"

UPDATE: Sue Hererra is a dumb cunt. Is anyone else sick of seeing her stuff her fat face at the Four Seasons, while gushing like a schoolgirl being felt-up for the first time?
I think that's a little over the top. I hate CNBC but she's never really bothered me.

Maria however, sucks.

Broker - you at all spooked by this sell off? For Monday? Plz advise. I would appreciate your comments. BOOMER
Sue is a beast but she seems like a nice person. I agree with DT; Maria is annoying as hell and fugly to boot.
How about DUG???
Well of course Maria is fugly, that is old news. I was expanding my critique to include Ms. Hererra, since she practically wets her panties gushing about the food at The Four Seasons every time they do a remote there. You'd think she never gets out of the house, the way she takes on.
When small-cap companies let the stock price languish into ultra-cheap territory by having a News Blackout, they run the risk of the broad market correcting and taking it even further down into the ridiculous territory (thus financially ruining many of its shareholders who utilize margin for any of their account).

This is where we find ourselves, due to management ignoring their share price with their self-imposed and unnecessary News Blackout.

But I guess MVIS management couldn't care less, since most of them aren't really shareholders in the first place.

A cynical view, true -- but this truly is disgusting.
I happen to like Maria
Sue looked better before she ate her mustache.
Normally, I'd laugh at this.

But not with MVIS acting as fancy as it is. That stock is the pox-ridden blanket of the 21st century.

Nevertheless, I'm confident it will double this year...

...from $2 to $4.
I'm glad I have a ground floor office after witnessing the punishment my speculative technology stocks and Chinese lotto tickets are taking.

You "liking" Maria is exactly the type of crap that makes your blog decidedly "third tier."

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