Friday, October 19, 2007


Eazy-E: Real Motherfuckin' G's

Good tune.
Good song for the day. Can't you see, Eazy-E talking shit and now look at him, he's dead from taking it in the rear end. Dre and Snopp are rich, alive, and well.

Watch out for what goes on in Washington here in the next few months. People have forgot already about the Senate vote on making Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. Iran has done the same to the United States. Isreal has little man's syndrome, with the backing of a huge body guard, The United States. Oil to $130 in March? Anyone?

I'm crazy, I don't sleep anymore. Not now, too busy with the crude oil market.

Bruce, if you recall we still have a bet, I think Hillary will get into the White House, it is my hedge, I hope you win.

Fly, thanks again for HANS, I've made a killing on it.
Ron Paul for the Long Haul
Ron Paul is the man and has the best voting record.

Giuliani - Liberal who will keep us safe.

Romney - Republican's version of John Kerry.

McCain - Old and out of touch.

Thompson - To fucking lazy.

My point, Hillary is a shoe-in... unless... Al Gore runs on his exaggerated global warming platform. There are issues however. If he ran, Hillary would get around the country quicker and campaign more flying on her private jet. Gore would have to go state to state in his wind powered car.
One theory being kicked around which investors need to keep in mind is that if Hillary is elected and the Dems carry Congress (which is likely) then their will be a higher capital gains rate. There will be a rush of selling capital assets before the election to try and lock in the lower rate. We also know they will make it retroactive and since nobody knows what that date will be perhaps its time to start selling stocks,bonds,real estate, etc.
crude .. what was that bet? you said hillary & i said no? if so, its looking bad for me .

Gore won't end up running.

I agree with your nominee one liners.

Hillary Clinton will never occupy the WHouse again.

Her negatives are astronomical. You dont' recover from that. It makes people stay home at best, and revenge vote at worst.

My issue is that I think Guiliani might be just as bad.

Romney would be fine, no farking way is he a liberal asshat like that douchebag fake French/Irishman Kerry. Smartest guy who started one of the smartest private equity funds extant.

He'd be quality, and even the libs would like him.

In the end, it comes down to the womens. Everyone thinks they will vote in lockstep for that hag, but people forget what women are like.

They can be bitches, especially to each other.

NFW for the Hill. She gets the gay man vote and maybe half the women. Ain't gonna be enough.
Forgot one other thing. Romney is handsome. That helps with the womens too. That's how we got the hag's asshat tomcat husband.
I second that comment.

Great tune.
Broker you should pawn your blog to get some cash to buy this dip. I know you could fetch a decent coin for it. As for today, well I went down to the Merc and spit on the front door. No shit I really did and I told them to bring Ricky boy Santelli outside cause I wanted to have a talk with him. The security guard at the ramp leading down to the parking garage told me politely to fuck off. I then went to the CBOT and kicked the statue outside, the one holding that fucking corn and wheat. People looked at me strange but fuck them I could care less. I then went by an unnamed hedgefund to see if there were any people jumping out the windows, no dice. Then I walked my poor ass back to the train and came home, not even turning on my turret for fear of the red. Fuck it I bought JCG at 39.50, if it goes to zero I will steal all their clothes. For the rest of my names I could give a fuck, off to shoot some heroin and drink some thunderbird. Oh and fuck you cunts at CNBC talking about 87, you can eat a dick for causing this.
Odds are against the country choosing full dem control in a period of war/terrorism. they're all pussies.

Not only that, but one on one, when the primary's are over and people are starting to pay attention, the more you see hillary, the more people realize what a phony, cackling, incompetent, lesbian she is.

Not to mention unbearable to listen to past an eight second soundbite.
Broker A is off drinking whiskey and the tone of the comments takes the path of least resistance--politics.

Frankly, after a week like this in stocks maybe thats a good thing. Monday should be good.

Rudy G. next President. Hillary can't afford to play dirty. Romney is to smooth and to white. Thompson-not Presidential-McCain no way. If Gore jumps in all bets off. To hard to beat Hollywood.
How will be bomb Iran if the Dems get elected?

I doubt if US has political will or capital to bomb Iran. Israel will do it instead and then the UN and the world can do their condemnation thing. However,the other Arab countries, except Syria, are cheering Israel on since they don't like Iran. Note no peep out of the Arabs after Israel bombed an alleged under construction nuclear facility in Syria a couple of weeks ago. The Saudis,Egypt and Jordan were all for it.
While we're talking politics during this break in the palladium super de duper bull cycle - my choice for President
No touching the politics, but since you mentioned SWC, it was only down 45 cents today.

That's some relative strength!

And you still have a window of opportunity to buy this gem under $11! Amazing! I thought the window had closed! What luck!!!!


Liked your story about spitting and kicking a statue, although I can't relate.

You are very troubled. Very troubled indeed.

Oh well. Have a good weekend.
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