Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Position Updates: MVIS, HANS

MVIS owns 1.75 million shares of LMRA, +11% today. Definitely a good thing for MVIS shareholders and balance sheet. I have never given a price target for MVIS-- mainly because I feel price targets jinx me. But, if an AK-47 were pointed to my head, in order to "extract" a price target, I'd quickly answer "$4 by January."

HANS is trading lower due to profit taking. No big deal. If it comes in another .50, I will buy more.

UPDATE: New article on MVIS

Here is the stolen version:

Friday, December 08, 2006: Storing pictures and video on a handheld device is a common feature, but viewing them on its small screen isn't exciting enough. However, this concern might soon be solved as Microvision, a US-based company, is planning to launch a microprojector, small enough to be integrated with a mobile or iPod, at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.

The device is composed of semiconductor lasers and a tiny mirror. According to the company, the biggest challenge it posed was to create a syncronisation between them. All these addressed, the product is now set to be rolled out.

So, how does it work? The projector has two parts: semiconductor lasers of blue, red and green colour, and a mirror-one millimeter across-that tilts on two axes. The lasers shine on the mirror and the mirror reflects the pixel of light onto a wall or other surface. The intensities of the lasers change to produce different colours. When all the three colours are fully bright the colour that emerges is white and when the three colours are dull the colour that emerges is black.

Using this mechanism, the projector paints a scene onto a surface, one pixel at a time, bringing out the required image or video.

You probably already saw this...
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