Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Closing Comments

My prediction for weakness today fell short by a hair, as the major indices refuse to buckle under to the utterly fucktarded sellers.

Even though the market was green, there was significant weakness in the Semi's. Again, I would steer clear of all semiconductors, too risky. Instead, if you like tech, take a look at the Networkers or Software sectors-- much better "pin action."

As for me:

MVIS was a rollercoaster today, but finished slightly green. ACLI is bleeding red, ever since I jinxed the stock by saying it was "bloated." And, finally, HANS took the day off, down a buck.

All in all, I was little changed with my main focus on buying more HANS and VLO, on dips.

NOTE: So far, according to my new "Fly Survey," Cramer is the worst blogger on Funny.

The Germans downgraded VLO after the close. No worries, as Bluto noted it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, ain't over now.
any possibility of pre market open comments on what you think will happen in the trading day
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