Thursday, December 14, 2006


Position Updates: HANS

Cramer is now Hansen's bitch, via Goldman:

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Broker A is now Hansen's bitch, via deathspiraling stock price.

UPDATE/CORRECTION II: Cramer is, once again, Hansen's bitch, via soaring stock price. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the Broker A /Cramer bitch status.


09:15 HANS Hansen Natural: A bit of a reacceleration in November scanner data - Goldman (33.61 )

Goldman Sachs says they have received ACNielsen scanner data for food, drug, and massmerchandising outlets (ex Wal-Mart) for the four weeks ending 12/2. Firm notes that Hansen's Monster brand posted 88% growth, an acceleration from an 82% increase last month. They believe the data is generally positive. Although the category does appear to be naturally slowing down against a bigger base, they say the data largely supports their view that October was an abnormally soft month for Hansen.

flyboy Br A:

I like your take on the dippage plays fer VLO and HANS, makes sense - play the reset. lookin closely myself at those too.

Re: MVIS - boy that is a bouncer - need some Tums for that puppy.
In any event ... I am liking TM and KUB here, and think that QCOM is still headed down for a reset - also looking towards USO for a "firm base/load up" for the deep winter run. That is my two cents. l8tr.

I like KUB.
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