Monday, December 11, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Software

My meetings have been rescheduled for tomorrow.

I feel like a broken record, but once again, the market is up and looking great. At this point, the bears just look plain silly, really. They are like those Japanese soldiers on that island-- still fighting WWII like fucktarded asshats. Really.

Today, the Software sector caught my eye, as stocks like ADBE, LNUX, SYMC and VIGN charge ahead. My fav in the sector is ADBE.

Finally, oil is down and everyone is running for the hills, like retreating bitches. I suspect today's dip in oil stocks will prove to be a wise purchase. VLO looks good, but no dip there.

NOTE: My favorite Networker, EQIX, had its price target upped today to $105.

add to NTRI at 70? or wait for more or a correction? I think any Dec/Jan catalysts will be positive, so I don't think it goes down too far.
With their Citibank analyst day this Thursday, I feel the stock is a buy here.
Lazard talking up NTRI on weakness. weakness attributed to website traffic tracking data, analyst thinks little of it, and that quarter is still on track. also talk of WTW new product offering
I took some profits in EQIX the other day and purchased a new LCD TV. Being the cheap bastard that I am I installed it myself above the fireplace in my living room. I noticed while shopping for the TV that all the new LCD and plasmas have this new HDMI(High definition multimedia interface). I did a little DD on this and the story seems pretty compelling. The company behind HDMI is Silicon Image ticker SIMG. They from what I understand get all royalties from every TV sold with HDMI. I also found out the PS3,the new blue-ray DVD players,the new media center PCs, and Apples new ITV device all must use this type of connection to get the best resolution or 1080p. I didn't know if you knew about SMIG and just wanted your thoughts.
Thanks for the new TV, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!
SIMG rocks. I believe Wallstrip did a show on them.

Maybe Howard can provide a link.

Howard, where are you?
I'm doing the EQIX Happy Dance again today :)

Matt, I owned SIMG a couple of years ago for a little while because of the same argument. Luckily I sold it higher than it is today, that is one crappy run company. IMO the management is a bunch of clowns.
I came across this presentation from November on SIMG and they have 37.7% Revenue growth in the first 9 months of this year with gross margins of 58.7%. Not to bad! Can you expand on how their managment is a bunch of clowns?
Well, I don't really remember why I think they are clowns (guess I flushed that out of the ol' memory hole), but it was around the time when they were trying to get the 'E' dropped off their listing (SIMG/SIMGE).

Here you go fly. All you need to do is embed the show on your site and it will play everyday.

Or just go to archives for the show link.
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