Monday, December 11, 2006


Fly Sell: CHK

I sold 5,000 CHK @ $31.78.

looks like oil, ngas, and ethanol are all heading to $0, maybe this week. VSE is pissing me off. Are you giving up on it as well as NGAS/CHK? alt energy is volatile enough I'll probably sit on VSE and wait.
Is that a buy or a sell? Or should I say is that more debt you are taking on Aubrey and are you issuing more preferred and convertables :) Good luck with it. I held it for almost a year and made a whopping $300 on 1000 shares.
CHK sucks.

I am giving up on natty.
Yeah I like my DVN but still Natty is not playing nice right now. Fucking oil better start behaving too or I am going to have to tell the trolls in my back yard to stop production.
re: natty - with commercial possibility of syn gas - (via fluidized bed catalytic conversion of pulvirized coal to synth nat gas) - the true upside potential for natty - limited to local outages and supply spikes. At over $8 per million btu the syn gas route will shut down further price uppage. thus oil is going up -= but natty is gonna topple and cycle ... it is the nature of the nat (lol)
he he - i avoided any amaranth jokes or puns
Anytime CHK gets a little bit of momentum they do more shares, debt, and preferred. Great assets in the ground but I'm done with that one.

NG is a weather play. Oil is much better.
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