Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Open Thread

I will definitely be out all day Tuesday, meeting with clients. However, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and show the following sites some love:

Intuitive Traders

Mad Stocks

Trading Goddess

Yes, I really did post this after 1am et. In case you are wondering, I don't sleep. During these hours, I watch my Asian investments.

Some good laughs here at Crossing Wall Street "Breaking: Transcript of Today’s Fed Meeting"
Yes...I am definitely in need of some love. :)

Thanks for the mention. I feel like I am having unexpected guests over and I have to frantically run around the house tidying things up. Not to mention, I have to look presentable. I can't go greeting guests with just any ole thing on. What to wear? What to wear? LOL!
Thanks for the link. Thanks again for MVIS!
Nice tankage today in Microvision(MVIS). I just bought some more to average down on a losing position.
Looks like the convert arb guys are about done stomping the shit outta Ford. Anybody think I'm sane for wanting to put a small position on as a flier?
"Nice tankage today in Microvision(MVIS). I just bought some more to average down on a losing position."

What are you talking about? Broker has been buying it since the high 1's.
Ron Insana is a fucking douche bag. And on another note, why did we even have a FED break today, nothing changed at all note even the wording. And that hack Jeffrey Facker is still stuck in the GDP 4.5% mindset. At ease soldiers, resume your march higher.
Spoke to BrokerA. He is buying RACK today. He said he will update tonight.
HANS "busting loose." Nice Call A.
Nice article on handheld/cell phone video projectors from today.
I miss Broker A and his great post.
Mr. Worden is stealing my shit. I want a commission!
Delete my double comment, will you? Thankies.

I see you call him "Mr.". A mentor?
Fucking crap! This posted 3 times now! Be a dear and delete those will ya? Thankies.

I see you call him "Mr.". Is he a mentor of sorts?

Is everyone selling MVIS to buy MVISW? What the hell is going on?
New MVIS Article
Got you on that.

No, its just me buying thw w's. Rrust me.

However, I am trying to convince others to jump on board. Problem is: too thinly traded.

MVIS road show next week.
I never hear of Mr. Worden before you posted that link.
Looks like you need to GOOG the Worden. LOL!

Happy trading!
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