Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Closing Comments

I was out all day, but kept a close eye on the action. Despite the minor drop in all major indices, many stocks got lit up-- most for no good reason.

From my undisclosed location, I had my trader/servant buy RACK-- all day. Franky, I fucking hate RACK and its stupid name, but the stock sold off 3 points because a VP of sales left the company. The shorts made it seem like everyone but the janitor left and the company was leaking out a warning. Please, I don't think so.

Therefore, I bought 10,000 RACK @ $30.10 for a trade.

Also, JP Morgan initiated coverage on HANS and basically repeated my point: HANS is cheap and Cramer has no fucking idea what he's talking about-- with regards to the Monster. Go ahead, bet against it.

I have been right on HANS for 6 straight points.

Finally, the steel stocks got ripped to shreds. I do not like the NUE warning and would avoid the metals like the plague.

As for oil: UPL and VLO are on sale.

Note after hours news of shareholder lawsuit against HANS for backdating option grants. And, the stock trades higher after hours!

Like I said, this option grant thing is a red herring. Very shortsighted and counterproductive for stockholders to sue--costs the company money that could be spent growing the business. The only real winners are the lawyers.

Thoughts on Adobe before earnings?
Thanks again, turn off the TV and go to sleep you got work to do...nice 10%.
I think ADBE will beat by .04.

HANS goes to $55 in 2007 and Cramer admits he was wrong on the monster.
I have been reading your blog since you were shut down by cramer..thanks for the insight..I listened to Cramer from day one and was hurt on a few stocks...not doing that great now..I don't have alot of $$ and I wish I knew more on options..What do you think of AMD? another cramer mistake..
What's your take on Herb Greenberg, in general and on NTRI-bashing. NTRI is selling off premarket on his article, likely in anticipation of the fait accompli of massive waves of shorting that seems to be behind him.

I've found it difficult to make money in a stock that he's pissing on, whether he's right or wrong.
Herb is usually short term wrong, long term right. The shit he turns up can ususally be hidden for a while. Fade his calls, ala Cramer, that's the minute/hour/day trade.
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