Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Oil

Steve Forbes has a great magazine, but has no fucking idea what he's talking about-- with regards to the price of oil. It's not going to $30 or $40 anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it is probably going to new highs in 2007.

Providing the world does not sink into recession, I feel everyone should own some oil. In my portfolio, oil represents 10% of my holdings-- just about the same weighting in the S&P 500.

I like oil for growth and to hedge versus a dollar decline.

Again, my favorite oil stocks are VLO, CEO, SU, PTEN and UPL.

As for the today's trading:

So far, Oil stocks are stealing the show, enabling the sellers to bring down other sectors, like the SOX. However, the bias is to the upside and if I were a betting man (which I am), I'd say the market will close lower today.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Who is the worst blogger on Of course, you have to be a subscriber to know who is the worst blogger of them all. Personally, I find Cramer entertaining, yet amazingly useless. Rev Shark depressing, yet fucktardingly obnoxious. And, Cody is just Cody-- smart, yet boring as a chestnut.

Thoughts on NTRI? They are presenting tomorrow. Stock had a really bad December/January just to come back with 52-week highs now. Wondering if we should all wait to get in vs. buying now.

All over BWLD. Good call. Read great things about them during my due diligence. That stock has at least $75 written all over it in 2007.
NTRI is a buy. Herb is a fucktard with no money in the market.
cramer is def entertaining, and yes he provides little value aside from telling people what is working in the market right now. like thats hard

how's cramer's AAP doing now to finish off the year??? i'm guessing still dismal.

and do you read doug kass in street insight? he's the biggest retard of them all
Cramer's AAP is up 5.98%, YTD. I am smoking him like a philly blunt.
I must admit I like Rev Shark, Tony, & Cody. Cramer doesn't really help me much with ideas. I also enjoy your blog.
I am sad to say that I am losing ground on Cramers ytd% gain like most of the posters on this board.
Well, at least AAP is beating a money market now. It was negative a lot of the year and was saved by this everything goes up bull of the last few months.

In 2003 the bears were saying oil was going to $30. In 2004 $40. In 2005 $50. They're going to get it right one of these years.

If Forbes ever turns bullish, that's when you let your oil go.
If you are not up 6% ytd, buy more ETF's.
Broker what do you make of the action in SPR today? Heavy volume already. Consolidation? Cramer has virtually given up on AAP I think. He continues to blame his performance on his restrictions. Blah blah blah. Oil, well I like the shit out of it.
I have not bought any SPR yet. I am wating for high 29's.
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