Monday, December 11, 2006


Closing Comments

Today was a boring day, as the markets edged up with minor gains in Internet, Gold and Software stocks.

I remain bullish on the markets and will instruct my trader/servant to execute buy orders on dips. Tomorrow all eyes are on the Fed. I suspect to see volatility and misdirection to be abundant, while all the rookie/sheep knee jerk their way to oblivion.

Aside from Tech, oil made a nice showing today, with impressive gains in VLO and GMXR (both positions of mine). However, I fucking hate natural gas and that fucker Aubrey at CHK-- who keeps diluting the stock with funny financing. I am done with CHK and will NEVER look at that stock again. Off the screen.

Finally, call me nuts, but I feel HANS is ready to bust loose and poleaxe Cramer and his silly sellers. The stock is cheap and will or should trade up. Write that down.

I don't mind daytrading HANS for a scalp or two but it still says "HANS is delinquent in its regulatory filings"

and one of these days they are going to get undelingquent and they are probably going to restate a zillion bucks worth of earnings and look out below.

What's your take on all of this options backdating bullshit - I feel like I have to tiptoe around every stock I buy for even a short term hold.
Options backdating = red herring; noise
If they start restating earnings - there are going to be a lot of very pissed-off people doing the red herring in court.

I'm already receiving letters from lawyers inviting me to "join the class" against a number of other companies who "deliberately and willfully misstated earnings blah blah blah..."
Hiya John,

Thought I'd find you over here. LOL!

Do you get the WSJ? Article in today's paper entitled "How Backdating Affected Taxes". "New evidence suggests that corporate executives may have found another way to manipulate their stock options, this time to cheat on their income taxes."
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