Thursday, September 28, 2006


Fly Buy: DNA

I bought 1,000 DNA @ $81.45.

Broker, RIMM reports after the bell today,and that is a big one and I think it is adding to some of this- tech will not go down yet mood- of course shorts are sidlined, and longs are in contoll, what with the FEd, consumer being good sports, and houseing not rolling over- what ever tommorows news will be rimm-

from march through june, they did not have good to say, but from then the tunes have changed , and with all the mo mo behind new cell phones and the new products and xmas comming, plus its been a while since folks changed their cell models, even rimm priced at this level, I think tommorow rimm will rocket tech and the rest of the market through this wall at this so called new highs ( BrokerFan )
Well, I am long RIMM and believe the stock is worth $125.

But, before we get there we will have bumps.

Also, I believe the sellers will re-gain control early next week.
All or most of Pirate Capital's analysts have quit this morning- CNBC
Bob Pasani and CNBC had to take there party hats off this afternoon.

Were they mad for lack of treasure?

Any reason you bought DNA?
No reason. I just wanted to bulk up on pharma.
Thats a good a reason, as any I ever herd !
Round me up for slaughter.
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