Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Happy New Years!

Oh, sorry. I was watching CNBC and got the impression it was New Year's eve on the floor. Today is September 27th, 2006 for those of you who are confused.

Damn, now I have to go put all this stuff back.

6 points away
5 points away
10 points away
3 points away

Why is it not going higher. Who cares if durable goods took a shit, who cares that housing sucks, who cares that we are up an ungodly amount as long as CNBC gets their new high.

When does it end? I am getting short DIA soon. Thoughts?
Well, first off, Happy New Year.

Secondly, I am positioned short in my trading account via RACK, ATHR and MZZ (long).

The market is going higher. That much is a given.

What I am banking on is a weaker-than earnings season.
Hey Broker, I sold my OEX Puts For a small loss, Its was a fool bet, with a dovy Fed, better consumer and lower oil, while mo mo is in the whole market..dumb, just plain dumb!Why do I get the earge to stand in front of a moving train, and say je I hope It don,t hit me !
Because we are all looking for that moment where we are exactly right and make a killing.

That's the nature of investing.

You did it because you knew if you called it right, you would have made serious coin.

I am sorry for the loss, but hang in there. You will make it back.
Not , worried, and thank you for the kind words, and the reaussing answer...Broker, I'm gonna stick my neck out I'm watching cats, dells, and homies, their fadeing and falling, I think the bull will tire soon, I think the market will sell off by days end, if not surly by friday, tommorow you get claim numbers, and that may give some time not much just some, I have taken my profits from may to now in tech, transports, homies,and brokers, plus some retail..I brought anf and chs( after earnings) now I can have a cigar and relex, earnings comming, and I am 100% cash...King me will ya?
Hey, why cash when you can own MNCS? It goes up EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Just kidding. It looks like a scam, but its up again.
What do you think of SIRI?
I just read that there new handheld the stilleto will be able to access live broadcasts via wi-fi. Can you imagine listening to live sirius radio via a handheld device in London,Paris,Tokyo. If it works it could be huge. Let me know what you think.
Instead of SIRI, play the parts makers.

SIRI makes no money on their hardware, but SMDI makes the antenna.

I am trying to find out if SMDI has secured the design win. If so, I sanction that trade.
Glenn Buy: MNCS
I bought 800 shares of MNCS @ $7.43
Glenn, you must be a fun-loving guy, hope it works out. When Led Zep wrote "Stairway to Heaven", I'm pretty sure MNCS was what they had in mind, in more ways than one. Or, how 'bout this one: MNCS is like running in Pamplona - it's pretty fun till one of the bulls catches up ;) BTW, please feel to make fun of my numerous tech shorts, I deserve it.
September Window Dressing ends tomorrow. I think the smart bulls exit a day earlier than everyone expects. I'm betting on a correction tomorrow.... which makes me wonder: why'd the hell did I cover RACK yesterday? @#$%!
You were scared. So was I.

Thank God for the Matrix.
I will do some DD on SMDI thanks!
Here is a link to a demo of that new sirius radio. I think the word isn't out yet that anyone around the world can access LIVE sirius radio from it as long as they're located in a wi-fi area. I'm excited as you could listen in Paris,Tokyo,London,etc. Huge market that could open up for SIRI.
Check out the demo if you get a chance.
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