Thursday, September 21, 2006


Late Day Thought

Die RACK die!

How mad are you at PALM now? I am in that camp too. Fuckers just reported a blowout number. 21 vs. 18
PALM will trade down, because I just finished doing a Voo-Doo ritual on the stock.
I went long. Can u take the spell off. Is RIMM really that much better than PALM? Of all the tech stocks that rallied this past month, PALM went no where. Should be trading closer to 20... because I said so.
Before I bought PALM, I felt it could easily hit $20.

However, I believe the shorts are in control of it and would sell as soon as you have a profit.

RIMM is launching the Pearl and has a big enterprise business, unlike PALM who relies upon Joey Bag-o_Donuts to buy a Treo.
Great blog. Nice job you've done here.

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