Friday, September 22, 2006


Position Updates: RACK

So far, RACK has survived two days of distribution, but so has AKAM and several other networkers.

My bet is for capitulation of the longs, as the ugly, fat faced market scares them into selling RACK.

Additionally, it is my belief that RACK is undergoing margin erosion in some of its key products.

Finally, I will look to cover around $23-24.

NOTE: Homebuilders are up today. I consider them too risky, ahead of next week's economic data.

Haha.. i'm holding RACK up with my 500share long.

I like you-- but I want your stock to die.
I like you too Fly but it's my 500share against yours... :)
Why don't we both help drive NBR lower.
It doesn't need help. That turd digs dirt on its own.
Hey you with your 500 shares,I bet you holding and up about 5 points ...soooo who care,now if you brought at 28 or 27 that would be a story
Tech is rallying big here.

I got it at 27.80 on break of 12:30 15min candle.
You bought RACK at 27.80?

You are nuts.
Broker how much RACK you sell total? Considering jumping in with you as I see it about to pop.
it's on a tight leash.
about 22,000 short.

Please don't do anything I do. Just laugh at me when I am wrong.

I'd hate to guide anyone into a loser.
wow.. that is a shitload of shares.. what's your stop?
No stop.

I use my best judgement and will average up when needed.
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