Thursday, September 28, 2006


Quick Alert: Dip Buyers Out and About

I have accepted the fact that "dip-buyers" are my natural enemy. However, I admire their tenacity and care free attitude, while investing billions upon billions of dollars.

With that being said, I seriously doubt this rally is being sponsored by fund mangers who like to "window dress," at quarters end. If so, then they are crazier than anyone could ever imagine.

Bottom line: The market is going up because Bob Pisani said so.

My NETL short has been miraculously saved this afternoon, even after an analyst "Buy" rating this morning. Did Cisco forget to buy more of their boxes this week or something?
You got lucky because that upgrade would have made me cover.

NETL is heavily reliant upon CSCO and if the channel check look good at CSCO, NETL is likely to beat estimates.

Hey, did you know we were close to a "record close" on the DOW?

Just checking.
Hey guys we may close at a record on the DOW today. Please let it be today! I am sick and fucking tired of these CNBC bitches jumping up an down like they are all going to get laid and raises if we hit a new high. Someone please shut Erin Burnett up! I even think Bob Piss On Me is sick of this crap.
If you think about it:

It may be fun to see those idiots cheer lead the new DOW high for weeks, if not months.

If we could stay in this trading range until New Year's, we may be able to drive the good folks at CNBC crazy.

Sort of like Ground Hog Day, but real.
I thought the latest brave assault at 3:44 was going to do it. At some point (soon, please god) everyone will get sick of this and declare it to be May 10th again.

And, hey, if not, I've got longs too, including another mystery. CBAK hopped 15+% today, made me happy, but I don't know why. Maybe it's because Lenovo recalled Sony batteries and CBAK may now break into Lenovo.
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