Monday, September 25, 2006


Quick Alert: Market Running Away

This market is steam rolling the sellers, as everything is busting loose, circa 1999 or 2003. Moreover, words cannot explain how incredibly fucktarded I feel for being wrong, again, on this move.

This move is broad and thoroughly bitch slapping the shorts into a state of stupor. We are seeing absurd moves in AKAM, EQIX, KNOT and any company that is remotely related to tech and/or high mulitple.

Look, I have called this move exactly wrong, so please refrain from taking my warning shots seriously. Think of it as entertainment in the form of high level stupidity.

Does window dressing ring a bell? I would guess that is a lot of it. Don't be shaken out here.
Don't worry about me being shaken out. I now have the mentality of the Cpt. on the S.S.Titanic.

I am either going to be right, or going down with this bitch. Fuckers. Dip Buyers are spawned from hell.
Well you can clearly see that RACK was bid up on window dressing. Look how steady the buying was. I hopped in on the short side at 28.50 just now.
Good luck, because whoever is sriving this stock is a stark raving lunatic.
While we're sitting around on the deck, maybe we can stream some sad violin tunes hosted on RACK servers, delivered over AKAMs network, mediated with NETL processors. Every short I've got is up 2-7% today (except SIRF, bless 'em)

It's tough to know if one is persevering smartly, persevering stupidly, or just getting whipsawed.
Well Jerome, we are just wrong.

The market is not forgiving and will continue to bitch slap us, because, well, its fun.

Hey, if I were a big stupid asshole dip buyer, I'd have fun slapping myself around right now.

Instead, I sit here with losing trades because the end of the world as we know it has been postponed. Fuck.

However, I am net long, believe it or not.
get for cramer to pump rack
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