Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Quick Alert: Semi's Weakening

This morning, the semi's roared out of the gate like the fucking Tazmanian devil looking for food. However, as the fuckers on the floor keep their eyes pinned for new all-time highs on the DOW, the SOX is quietly selling off.

Don't get me wrong. The semi's are still up nearly 1% and many are steam rolling the bears to the pavement, such as: MRVL, ATHR and NETL. My point is to keep a close eye for a reversal.

Bottom line: Beware of the dip buyers, they are assholes. But, someday soon, the market will go down. I promise.

UPDATE: The semi's have reversed to the downside. It's also worth noting considerable weakness in AMKR, -10%.

Even though AMKR looks insignificant, they are a big part of the semiconductor manufacturing base. They are the second biggest test/packaging company in the space, after ASTSF. When shit is bad at AMKR, it usually means the foundries are weak. When the foundries are weak, that usually means the end user (consumer) is not buying stuff.

Keep a close eye on AMKR and ASTSF.

Damn, semis just reversed the broader market. FLSH and SNDK were up nice in the morning. Or maybe "window dressing's" end has come a day + hour early.
Reversal confirmed.
Yo Broker A... damn you for not covering RACK. Bwa ha haaa! I want to badly re-short it, but I can't since I don't re-short stocks I lose -5% on in the previous day. You're right though, i was scared. One day I'll figure out how to listen to the stock and not to my emotions.
To be fair, the only thing that stopped me from covering was A. more $$$ to short at higher prices and B. the feeling of anxiety which has always been a top/bottom indicator for me.
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