Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Want to See Something Amazing?

Whoever is controlling this stock is pretty cool. However, he or she will inevitably end up in jail.

What do you think?

Check out this chart.

Clarification: It has NEVER been down on a weekly basis, EVER.

Right in Cuban's home city, shares of Manchester Inc. (otcbb: MNCS.OB - news - people ) have risen 222% in the past 21 months to a recent $6.35, generating a $210 million market cap on paper. That looks fluffy for a young company with (a) few employees, (b) no revenues, (c) a negative net worth, (d) just $116,000 in the bank and (e) an abrupt change in business. After unsuccessfully trying to become a copper, nickel or platinum miner, Manchester last year rechristened itself a used-car dealer--but has yet to operate even a single lot. A Manchester official tells FORBES an acquisition is in the offing and investors see an "exceptional business opportunity." --M.R.
I hate shit like that. I saw manipulation in RMBS when it was at the top, and a company called BBC. Some dude posted on Yahoo message board the exact time when RMBS would fall and he was exactly right, then it shot back up in a manner of SECONDS. I felt bad for all those with stop losses. If this keeps up, the capital market will fail.
I agree. However, you have to marvel at a chart like that. It trades volume and hasn't had a down day in almost 6 months.

Imagine that.
Money laundering scheme?
I don't know.

I don't know anything about them.
I will see if I can pick up some shares for some fun tomorrow, I bet I can make it go down.
Looks like a good short, no? I am gonna start shorting the fuck out of it.
"Looks like a good short, no? I am gonna start shorting the fuck out of it."

I doubt you could get any shares to short.
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